Do Apple Stores carry refurbished iPhones?

Do Apple Stores carry refurbished iPhones?

True, Apple-refurbished product is available only on-line and is typically not stocked at Apple retail locations. Both carry a full Apple warranty and AppleCare can be purchased for them.

Which site is best for buying refurbished iPhone?

Long story short, “Apple” is the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone as it offers a fully calibrated device that can work reliably.

  • Visit: Apple’s Website.
  • Visit: Best Buy.
  • Visit: Swappa.
  • Visit: Amazon Renewed.
  • Visit: Gazelle.
  • Visit: eBay.

Can I buy iPhone from Thailand?

There are no Apple Stores in Thailand. iStudio is the leading reseller, present in most malls. All iPhones come unlocked in Thailand. The Apple warranty is valid worldwide.

How do I know if my iPhone is refurbished?

If you’ve already bought an iPhone, you can find out if it has been sold as refurbished – by Apple – by checking its model number. Open Settings on the iPhone, then select General > About and you’ll see various details regarding the device.

Which website is best to buy refurbished phones?

Amazon Refurbished. Amazon Refurbished is a branch of Amazon that lets people buy refurbished products such as smartphones, laptops, speakers, headphones, cameras, wearables, Amazon products, and more.

  • Quickr.
  • 2GUD by Flipkart.
  • ShopClues.
  • Budli.
  • ElectronicsBazaar.
  • How can I know if my iPhone is refurbished?

    Find Your iPhone’s Model Number

    1. If the model number starts with M, it was purchased new from Apple.
    2. If the model number starts with F, it was refurbished by Apple or a carrier.
    3. If the model number starts with P, it was sold as a personalized iPhone with an engraving.

    Are iPhones cheaper in Thailand?

    ​Thailand (Starts Rs 89,250 and is almost Rs 10,650 cheaper) In Thailand, Apple iPhone XS (64GB) sells at 39,900 Thai Baht after taxes which translates to around Rs 89,250 in India.

    Does Thailand have Apple Store?

    Bangkok, Thailand — Apple today previewed Apple Central World, its second and largest retail location in Thailand. Nestled in the heart of Ratchaprasong, Bangkok’s iconic intersection, the store provides a completely new and accessible destination within the lively city.

    How much does an iPhone cost in Thailand?

    iPhone 12. From ฿25,900. iPhone 11. From ฿22,100. iPhone X🅁. From ฿18,400. iPhone SE. From ฿14,900.

    How much does a refurbished iPhone X cost?

    Refurbished iPhone X 256GB – Silver (Unlocked) $679.00. Was $1,049.00 Save $370.00. Refurbished iPhone X 256GB – Space Gray (Unlocked) $679.00. Was $1,049.00 Save $370.00.

    What is Apple Certified refurbished?

    Guaranteed Apple quality. Like new products backed by a one-year warranty and the Apple Certified Refurbished promise. about refurbished Apple products. Turn the device you have into the one you want.

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