Do Aliner campers hold their value?

Do Aliner campers hold their value?

Resale Pricing for Aliners: An Aliner will lose about half of its value over the first five years. This is about what you’d see with most campers.

Do Aliner campers leak?

It tows well and sets up quickly. A leak developed while towing the Aliner in the rain during the first year.

How long is an Aliner Scout?


Length (feet) 15′
Width (inches) 78″
Road Height (inches) 56″
Weight (lbs) 1395 lbs
Tires and Wheels 14″ Aluminum

Is an Aliner a travel trailer?

Aliners are the lightest, most innovative & sustainable pop-up campers on the market. We offer eleven models ranging in sizes and features, so whether you’re a solo adventurer, or traveling with the family, you’ll find an Aliner that’s perfect for you and your camping needs.

Do Aliner campers have bathrooms?

There’s no better place to start off our list of small campers with bathrooms than with a high quality hero of tiny camping: the Aliner Family Scout.

What is the cost of an Aliner camper?

Depending on which model you buy, a new Aliner costs between $14,000 and $30,000.

Do a frame campers leak?

Folded A frames are very sensitive to being nose-down. Leaks can happen while traveling when the ball is too low, or you park or stop in traffic on a hill in a rainstorm. The 3 inch seal on the back roof panel will allow some water through if the trailer is nose down even slightly during a heavy rain.

How much does a liner Scout Lite cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,580 $7,550
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,580 $7,550

How much do Aliner trailers weigh?

ALINER WEIGHT The Aliner has models ranging from 1180 lbs to 2300 lbs. The good news is that Aliner products are most likely towable with the vehicle you already own. With an average weight of 1750 lbs, Aliner products are towable by some 4 cylinder vehicles and most 6 cylinder vehicles.

Does Aliner have a bathroom?

The Aliner LXE was truly designed to be your home on the road. The standard hard-walled front dormer provides ample space and head room for the built-in shower and cassette toilet. All of this in a package that weighs less than 2000 lbs.

Do Aliner campers have shower?

Why choose a-liner?

Recreational vehicle business A-Liner was founded by Ralph Tait in the early 1970s on the premise of selling a revolutionary A-frame pop-up trailer. Lightweight units designed to be easy to store and maintain, A Liner camping trailers offers a quick 30-second deployment time for customers.

What is the difference between ALINEr expedition and ALINEr ease?

8 : ALINER EASE Brand new in 2008, the EASEshares the same chassis and box design as the Expedition. However, inside you get a full bath instead of a storage trunk. The Ease allows you to go from coast to coast in comfort without relying on camp grounds.

When did a-liner start making travel trailers?

In 2009 and 2010, A Liner produced 15-foot and 18-foot travel trailers in addition to their camping trailer range. Recreational vehicle business A-Liner was founded by Ralph Tait in the early 1970s on the premise of selling a revolutionary A-frame pop-up trailer.

Who is the ALINEr Owners Group?

The Aliner Owners’ Group is an active club that hosts regional and national rallies across the U.S. and Canada. The Aliner is designed for constant use over many years. The 30-second set-up leaves less time for frustration and more time to enjoy the destination.

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