Did Mrs Jones like the boy?

Did Mrs Jones like the boy?

Answer: Yes,Mrs Jones like the boy because ,she was buying him stuff like some blue-suede shoes and also she was talking care of him. She also was give him advice she was trying to chance roger life. She wants the roger be a good kid.

What does Roger say when he leaves the apartment?

Thank you, Ma’am

What else might Roger have wanted to say to Mrs Jones?

Rather than choking on unspoken words, and merely saying, “Thank you ma’am,” Roger may have wished to say, “I appreciate not only the meal, but the fact that you did not condemn me for my act, you did not preach to me, you told me you, too, have done bad things, and you showed real feelings for me, not pity.”

What are the characteristics of Roger?

Roger is black-haired with a fringe that covers his forehead and makes him look sinister. He has an extremely cruel and sadistic streak in his nature which attracts him to Jack’s way of doing things. Roger is an uncommunicative, moody and secretive loner, preferring to use power as a weapon of evil.

How does Mrs Jones response to Roger’s actions contribute to the development of the theme?

Mrs. Jones’s response to Roger’s actions contributes to the themes in “Thank You, M’am” surrounding compassion, dignity, and trust. By showing Roger kindness, Mrs. Jones reinforces the idea that victimhood is subjective.

How is Roger a dynamic character?

Roger is somewhat confused by his own actions when he is given that opportunity to run away and chooses not to; such is the impact of this “large woman.” This change in Roger reveals that he is a dynamic character because a dynamic character does experience change during the course of a story, but he cannot be …

Will Roger change as a result of his encounter with Mrs Jones?

Will Roger change as a result of his encounter with Mrs. Jones? Yes, she was kind to him and taught him a lesson.

What did Mrs Bates warn Roger?

Ans) Mrs. Bates warned Roger not to steal things by dishonest means.

Why did Roger try to snatch the purse of Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones?

Roger claims that the immediate reason for which he tried to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones’s purse is that he wanted to buy himself a pair of blue suede shoes. However, she quickly ascertains the larger issues that affect Roger’s behavior.

What is the theme of the story thank you ma am?

The main theme in this short story is the power of kindness. The story shows how a kind gesture can soften the heart of a thieving teenager. When Roger gets caught by Mrs. Jones, he expects her to take him to the police.

How do Roger’s actions change during the story?

Roger has been a thief. The society has always looked down upon him. However, the tenderness of human love and trust moves him so much that he ends up being changed into a sensitive young man from a petty thief.

Why did the boy try to steal the purse?

In Langston Hughes short story “Thank You M’am,” Roger tells Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones his motive for attempting to steal her purse is to get money to purchase blue suede shoes. After thwarting his attempt, Mrs. Jones realizes his motive is far more than wanting new shoes, even if Roger is not aware of it.

How are Mrs Jones actions connected to her past experiences?

C) Her actions are connected to her past experiences because in the story she hints that she was once like Roger. She may have been put in the same situation when she was young and wished that someone did the same thing for her.

Which detail from the text best supports the author’s message about treating other people thank you ma am?

Answer: The text that supports author’s message about treating other people is: ‘The woman did not ask the boy anything about where he lived, or his folks, or anything else that would embarrass him.

What is the climax of thank you M am?

The climax of the story is when Roger does not leave. In this story, Roger is a boy who tries to steal a lady’s purse. The lady, Mrs. Jones, decides to take him home instead of screaming, giving him the purse, or telling the police.

What is the moral lesson of the story thank you ma am?

The theme of Thank You, Ma’am is that lessons in what is right and what is wrong are better delivered in an environment of kindness.

What is Roger worried about in thank you ma am?

Roger is worried that she will think the worst of him, so he takes great care to make sure she knows he can be trusted. It is a grand moment for both of them, as she demonstrates her trust in the boy and he proves himself to be trustworthy. Of course he does not expect to be rewarded for his decision, but he is.

Which sentence best describes a theme in the story thank you ma am?

The theme is best described as to take responsibility for your own actions. In the story, the young boy was caught stealing from Mrs. Jones but got away from being taken to jail, instead, Mrs. Jones took care of him.

How did Mrs Jones try to transform Roger?

Jones was a descent and caring person, she decided to help Roger change the course of events he had put himself on by turning to robbery to get the things that he wants. When he attempted to rob her, rather than treat him as the thief he tried to be, she stepped into a parental role…

What happens when the boy tries to steal the woman’s purse?

What happens when Roger tries to steal Mrs. Jones’s purse in “Thank You, M’am”? The purse is so heavy that he loses his balance and falls. What can you infer about Mrs.

What is the theme of thank you ma’am quizlet?

She was nice enough to give him the $10 for shoes even though he tried to steal from her because she wanted to teach him that he should ask next time instead of robbing people. The theme of “Thank You M’am” is that people have to consist of forgiveness and trust.

How did Mrs Jones react?

Answer. Answer: Jones reaction was she simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeans and also she reached down , and shook him until his shirt front, and shook him until teeth rattled.

What is the symbolism in thank you ma am?

Roger’s pair of blue suede shoes is the most potent symbol in “Thank You, M’am.” In the context of the story, they symbolize money, desire, and the dream of a better life. For Roger, they symbolize a kind of luxury that he wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise, and thus the shoes come to represent the unattainable.

Which best expresses a theme of thank you ma am?

Answer. One theme in Thank you, Ma’am is the power of compassion. After nearly having her purse stolen by Roger, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones has every right to turn toward him in anger and even demand some form of justice.

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