Did Alanis Morissette Write You Oughta Know?

Did Alanis Morissette Write You Oughta Know?

“You Oughta Know” is a song by Canadian singer Alanis Morissette, released as the lead single from her third studio album, Jagged Little Pill (1995) on July 6, 1995….You Oughta Know.

“You Oughta Know”
Songwriter(s) Alanis Morissette Glen Ballard
Producer(s) Glen Ballard
Alanis Morissette singles chronology

What disability does Alanis Morissette have?

Alanis Morissette Two months after her son Winter’s August 2019 birth, the Grammy winner opened up about her third experience with postpartum depression. “PPD is still a sneaky monkey with a machete working its way through my psyche and body and days and thoughts and bloodwork levels,” Morissette wrote in a blog post.

What film is ironic Alanis Morissette?

The music of the song was featured in the romantic comedy film I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007), where Saoirse Ronan, as Izzie Mensforth, sings an altered version of the lyrics in a talent show.

Who did Alanis write You Oughta Know about?

The song was rumored to be about the actor Dave Coulier, whom Morissette dated for a time – Coulier says it was in 1992 when Alanis would have been 17 or 18 years old and he would have been 32 or 33 (hence the line “an older version of me”).

Who did Alanis write you oughta know about?

Is You Oughta Know About Ryan Reynolds?

Her 1995 song “You Oughta Know” was inspired by the bitterness inspired by her former lover’s new flame and became the breakthrough hit that made Morissette a perpetual bestseller. Her latest album, “Flavors of Entanglement,” was largely inspired by her rocky breakup with actor Ryan Reynolds.

Was Alanis an alcoholic?

Morissette shares the reasons behind her drinking as different scenes from her life are shown. In a 2016 column for The Guardian, Morissette described alcohol as a “secondary addiction” to her addictions to “love, food and work.” She said at the time that she had been in recovery for “many years.”

Does Alanis speak French?

1. I speak French and English, and I spoke German while I was a child living in Germany. 2.

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