Can you track trailers?

Can you track trailers?

When your trailers are on the road, it isn’t easy to track mileage. Using GPS tracking for trailers allows you to monitor driver activity, speed, distance, and mileage traveled by your trailers. This gives you information you can use to find ways to reduce labor, conserve fuel, and cut costs.

Is there a GPS tracker that can put on a hauling trailer?

A GPS Trailer Tracker is the most effective way to protect your valuable trailer and the contents inside. Our 5G trailer tracking system will give you complete visibility and unmatched protection with up to 72 satellites constantly monitoring the location of your trailer, 24/7.

Can I put a tracking device on my trailer?

Protect and monitor trailers with the GPS trailer tracking device. This GPS tracker comes with a magnetic mounting case, or you can permanently mount. Our trailer GPS tracker has recovered millions in stolen trailers. The platform is simple to use and includes a free mobile app.

How do trailer trackers work?

Trailer tracking devices use GPS and cell networks or satellite networks. This allows them to provide information including real-time and historic location and time spent at a customer for drop-offs and pickups. This data can ensure that drivers don’t make unauthorized stops or detours with trailers.

Are GPS trailers good?

The hardware, finishes, materials, craftsmanship, and add-one make it the best trailer in its category. And when we lost a chain due to our own error, GPS shipped a new one out the next day. We highly recommend GPS for any of your trailer needs. Great trailers, great company, great people.

Do semi trailers have GPS?

This applies both to semi trailers you own and also on a semi trailers for rent or lease. GPS tracking makes that data readily available, which is why our trailers have state-of-the art Spireon GPS tracking.

What network does Linxup use?

GPS Technology in Action The latest Linxup devices operate on the 4G network.

Where is Linxup located?

Saint Louis, Missouri
Linxup was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

How do you install a hardwired GPS tracker?

Hardwiring GPS trackers to your vehicle

  1. Secure the 12-VDC power source to the red wire found on your tracking device.
  2. Start by attaching the wiring harness to the transceiver.
  3. Remove about an inch of insulation from the wire with the power source.
  4. Take a sharp object and poke through the wire, creating a loop.

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