Can you do Hooked on Phonics on the computer?

Can you do Hooked on Phonics on the computer?

The app follows the Hooked on phonics methodology while using animations, stories, songs and activities to create a multisensory learning experience. The app is available for most devices, including Windows/Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Amazon.

Is Hooked on Phonics free?

Hooked on Phonics is FREE TO TRY. Step 1 of Learn to Read (includes 3 lessons), and the first episode of Pre-reader are unlocked and available for download immediately. Try it before you buy it, and experience the joy of your child reading their first book.

Does Hooked on Phonics still exist?

The Hooked on Phonics approach is no longer sold directly to adults and is instead focused on children in the second grade and below. The secret to a successful ad campaign in the ’90s was a good phone number.

How do I get Hooked on Phonics on my laptop?

Open the App by tapping on the icon on your computer. Log in using the email address you used to subscribe and the password you received in your confirmation email (subject line: “Thanks for Your Hooked on Phonics Order!”). Start using Hooked on Phonics.

Can I get Hooked on Phonics on Amazon Fire tablet?

Creating an account with Hooked on Phonics allows you to sync your Learn to Read app across multiple devices including Android, Apple/iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac desktops.

How much is a lifetime subscription to Hooked on Phonics?

$10 Lifetime
1. Visit the Hooked on Phonics Landing Page here. Select your option for the FREE 1 year subscription or choose the $10 Lifetime subscription.

What grade level is Hooked on Phonics?

The Hooked on Phonics App + Practice Packs program is perfect for children ages 3-7, or approximately grades Pre-K through early 2nd grade, who are just starting out on their reading journey or could use a boost to help them read on (or above!) grade level starting anywhere within the program’s range.

How do I download Hooked on Phonics app?

On any Apple or Android device of any size, go to your favorite app store (iTunes, Google Play or Amazon) and search “Hooked on Phonics.” When you’ve found the Hooked on Phonics app, tap INSTALL. Our app is large, so you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.

How do I download Hooked on Phonics?

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