Can you canoe the Yukon river?

Can you canoe the Yukon river?

For a truly classic Yukon journey, join a canoe or kayak trip on the Yukon River. You’ll spend the long, relaxed days of summer paddling, camping in tents and eating by the campfire under the midnight sun.

How long does it take to canoe the entire Yukon River?

between 10 to 16 days
How long does it take to Canoe the Yukon River. Most people take between 10 to 16 days to Canoe the Yukon River Whitehorse to Dawson. There are options to slow down and enjoy some of the great campsites along the way.

Can you raft the Yukon river?

Rafting and Canoeing trips in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. We offer rafting and canoeing trips on both the Yukon River and its rock studded tributary, the Charley River.

How long does it take to canoe from Whitehorse to Dawson City?

The Yukon River Quest—an insane 444-mile canoe race between Whitehorse and Dawson City—involves 50 or so hours of nearly constant paddling.

Is the Yukon river navigable?

It flows northwest across the Yukon border into the U.S. state of Alaska and then generally southwest across central Alaska to the Bering Sea. Its entire course of 1,265 mi (2,035 km) in Alaska is navigable.

Are there rapids on the Yukon river?

There is a stigma to floating the Yukon that is unlike most other river journeys and it is a big undertaking but is generally a mild river with a few rapids in the Canadian section and strong eddy lines at every turn.

Is the Yukon River navigable?

Is the Yukon river polluted?

The Yukon has become polluted by the three “M’s” of arctic pollution: mining, manufacturing and the military. “Every year it floods, and when it floods the water comes up through the ground, and all of the contaminants that are in the landfill mingle with the water,” Steve Howdeshell of Louden Tribal Council told CNN.

How deep does the Yukon river get?

Between the site’s two sonar stations the river is 3,280 feet wide. The deepest point in the river at the site is 650 feet from the right bank and measures 80 feet deep.

How long does the Yukon river Quest take?

The race is 715 km / 444 miles on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City. There are six checkpoints along the route including two mandatory stops. Teams must spend 7 hours in Carmacks and 3 hours in Coffee Creek.

Where does the Yukon river flow to?

Bering SeaYukon River / Mouth

How long does it take to canoe the Yukon River?

For the ultimate Yukon River experience try the 20 day canoe trip from Whitehorse to Dawson City. The tour starts in Whitehorse on the Yukon River with the compass needle set north, and you pass many relicts of the historic gold rush of 1898.

What is the Yukon River famous for?

The Yukon River is one of the most iconic rivers in Canada and North America and is known for its access to one of the world’s last unspoilt wilderness areas.

What is it like to paddle the Yukon?

One of the incredible elements of paddling the Yukon River is to experience the living and timesless history with old cabins, stern wheelers, old cars and other relics from another time just abandoned in the bush.

Is the Yukon River fast or slow flowing?

It is a fast flowing river with features including the infamous Five Finger Rapids and Rink Rapids. Although it runs for 1980 miles, the majority of people head down stream from Whitehorse 460 miles downstream to Dawson City.

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