Can uoam draw UO maps?

Can uoam draw UO maps?

If UOAM can find the UO map files, or one of the appropriate pre-rendered bitmaps (see the documentation for the Performance Settings dialog) in any of these locations then it will be able to draw the map; if not then you get a black map but an otherwise perfectly functional UOAM session.

What’s new in uoam?

UOAM has been updated to support the new Samurai Empire expansion. As usual, you can read about the new features in the update log. If you don’t already have UOAM installed then you can get UOAM version 8.2 today from the Downloadsection. Welcome to! UOAM has a new home.

Is uoam still available to download?

For as long as UOAM continues to work with the UO client, it will be remain here for download. UOAM has always been free and it will remain so. But I will not be releasing any new versions of the program.

How do I download the beta version of uoam?

If you would like to help, please go to /files.htmland download the BETA.ZIP file. Extract those files into your UOAM directory and you should be all set to go. After using the beta files for a day or two, please send an email to me at [email protected]and let me know if all is well or not. Changes in this version include:

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