Can FGM cause obstetric fistula?

Can FGM cause obstetric fistula?

Some women who have experienced FGM/C have prolonged and/or obstructed labour, which may lead to the development of obstetric fistula(s) [4].

Why is fistula called the silent epidemic?

notes that fistula, while 100 percent preventable, is a silent epidemic because it primarily affects poor girls and women in developing countries.

Can FGM cause VVF?

Among Sudanese women attending clinics who had undergone FGM/C, 9.2 percent and 14.6 percent developed vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) and recto-vaginal fistula (RVF), respectively.

Can you get a fistula from childbirth?

Obstetric fistula is a medical condition in which a hole develops in the birth canal as a result of childbirth. This can be between the vagina and rectum, ureter, or bladder. It can result in incontinence of urine or feces.

What are the complications of obstetric fistula?

This condition can lead to other complications such as infection, kidney disease, genital ulceration and sores, dehydration, pain, damage to vaginal tissue making sexual intercourse impossible or painful, and secondary infertility.

What is obstetric fistula How and why does it occur?

An obstetric fistula occurs when a mother has a prolonged, obstructed labor, but doesn’t have access to emergency medical care, such as a C-section. She often labors in excruciating pain for days. Tragically, her baby usually dies.

How painful is fistula surgery?

Following your fistulotomy, you may experience some mild to moderate pain or discomfort in your rectal area. You may also experience constipation, difficulty urinating, and possibly some rectal bleeding. The following are some general guidelines for proper care after your procedure.

How can I cure my fistula without surgery?

Treatment with fibrin glue is currently the only non-surgical option for anal fistulas. It involves the surgeon injecting a glue into the fistula while you’re under a general anaesthetic. The glue helps seal the fistula and encourages it to heal.

How serious is a fistula?

How serious is a fistula? Fistulas can cause a lot of discomfort, and if left untreated, may cause serious complications. Some fistulas can cause a bacteria infection, which may result in sepsis, a dangerous condition that can lead to low blood pressure, organ damage or even death.

How long is hospital stay for fistula surgery?

Incision care It may stay in place for 6 weeks or longer. Your doctor will tell you how to take care of your fistula after surgery.

How do you poop after fistula surgery?

You may be worried about having a bowel movement after your surgery. You will likely have some pain and bleeding with bowel movements for the first 1 to 2 weeks. You can make your bowel movements less painful by getting enough fiber and fluids. And you can use stool softeners or laxatives.

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