Are Hit Me Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again the same song?

Are Hit Me Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again the same song?

However, the fact that they are basically the same exact song, even down to the way the beat kicks back in in the second bar after the bridge/breakdown is a pretty glaring indictment of the cynical production line that is contemporary chart pop music.

Who was Baby One More Time originally written for?

‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ was recorded by Britney Spears but written for TLC. In a recent interview TLC were asked why they rejected the song that went on to give Britney Spears worldwide fame. “I’m not saying ‘hit me baby. ‘ No disrespect to Britney” T-Boz said.

How much money did Britney Spears make from baby one more time?

Spears’ 1999 debut album, Baby One More Time, sold 10.6 million US copies – one of 24 albums to hit the 10-million mark. Her first two albums were so successful she earned a nearly US$10 million advance for her third, In the Zone, and a US$6.5 million net earning after production costs.

What is Britney’s biggest hit?

Top 10 Britney Spears Songs

  • 8. “ Lucky”
  • 7. “ Circus”
  • 6. “ Toxic”
  • 5. “ I’m A Slave 4 You”
  • 4. “ Criminal”
  • 3. “ Gimmie More”
  • 2. “… Baby One More Time”
  • 1. “ Oops!… I Did It Again”

How old was Britney in toxic?

That’s right. The actor, 46, starred opposite the singer, 39, in her 2003 music video for “Toxic” (included below for your enjoyment).

How old is Britney Spear?

40 years (December 2, 1981)Britney Spears / Age

How old was Britney in Toxic?

How many Number 1 does Britney Spears have?

Spears has achieved six number-one albums on the Billboard 200 and four number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100: “…Baby One More Time”, “Womanizer”, “3”, and “Hold It Against Me”.

What is Britney Spears best selling song?

1: … Baby One More Time (1999) BritneySpearsVEVO. 4.93M subscribers.

  • 2: Scream & Shout (2012) williamVEVO. 3.78M subscribers. – Scream & Shout ft.
  • 3: Oops…! I Did It Again (2000) BritneySpearsVEVO.
  • 4: Sometimes (1999) BritneySpearsVEVO. 4.93M subscribers.
  • 5: Womanizer (2008) BritneySpearsVEVO. 4.93M subscribers.
  • Why did Britney Spears say Hit Me Baby One More Time?

    The line “Hit me, baby, one more time” was explained by Britney Spears in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1999, “It doesn’t mean physically hit me. It means just give me a sign, basically. I think it’s kind of funny that people would actually think that’s what it meant.”

    Is Britney Spears’baby one more time coming out on pink vinyl?

    “Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’ Is Coming Out On Pink Vinyl”. Billboard. Retrieved October 8, 2017. ^ a b Hermanson, Wendy (December 22, 1998). “Britney Spears: New Teen Queen?”. Yahoo! Music News. Archived from the original on March 12, 2012. Retrieved July 23, 2009. ^ a b Rosen, Craig (March 4, 1999).

    Who wrote Baby One more time Britney?

    Writer(s): MAX MARTIN The first track and the lead single of Britney Spears’ debut studio album. “Baby One More Time” was originally written for TLC, but they thought that the song wasn’t in accordance with their style and music.

    What was Britney Spears’first song?

    Spears later claimed that she felt excited when she heard it and knew it was going to be a hit record. Her debut album was completed in June 1998, and the song was released as “…Baby One More Time” as Spears’ debut single in October.

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