Are Apistogramma cacatuoides Hardy?

Are Apistogramma cacatuoides Hardy?

Apistogramma cacatuoides (A 200 – A 203) are one of the most widely available Apistogrammas and are the type species for the cacatuoides group of Apistogrammas. They are relatively hardy and fairly easy to keep and breed.

How big do Apistogramma fish get?

Facts About the Apistogramma. These fish grow to be about 3” and 3.5” maximum in size. They originate from South America and the Amazon rainforest. They do require a tank of about 20 gallons or larger.

How many species of Apistogramma are there?

The genus Apistogramma is among the most speciose of South American ccihlid genera with around 70 species valid at present but many more awaiting description. In addition many species exist in two or more geographical colour forms which may or may not turn out to be distinct in the future.

Which Apistogramma is best for your aquarium?

Captive-raised fish are the recommended choice for the general community aquarium. Wild examples are best maintained alone or with small ‘dither’ fishes such as Nannostomus spp., and ideally should not be mixed with other Apistogramma. Males are larger, more colourful and develop more extended fins than females.

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