Are Alfine gears any good?

Are Alfine gears any good?

Our review Shimano’s Nexus hub has always impressed, but Alfine is so much smoother and quieter. Shifting is buttery and it feels like each gear is delivered with a rounded edge rather than a definite clunk. That gives the impression that the shift is soft and would struggle under load, but far from it.

How does Shimano Alfine work?

Instead, the sealed Alfine employs an oil bath—like a car’s transmission—which can be drained through a port. Fresh oil can be injected with a special syringe. The whole system spins around a stationary axle that has three pawls—spring-loaded, wedge-shaped pieces of metal.

Is Alfine 11 reliable?

Running a couple of Alfine 11 with no problems, but not huge mileage. They are much more sensitive to cable setup than the 8, so you start getting “missed” changes, but quick fiddle with the barrel adjuster and away you go. That’s been my experience too. Never had any leakage either.

How much does a Rohloff hub cost?

The Price There’s no beating around the bush here – Rohloff hubs are expensive. Expect to pay US $1600 or 1100€ just for the hub and shifter (complete bikes start at 2500€). You’ll need to factor in the cost of a new wheel build too.

How do you change the oil in Alfine hub?

Shimano Alfine Inter 11 Oil Change

  1. Oil, syringe, hose and 3 mm hex key.
  2. 3 mm hex key on the nipple with the handle facing forward.
  3. Hose connected to the hub.
  4. Syringe hanging below the hub.
  5. Draining the oil from the hub through the hose.
  6. Squirting the oil out of the syringe.
  7. Filling the syringe with fresh oil.

Is a Rohloff hub worth it?

According to independent testing, Rohloff hubs are just as efficient as a derailleur drivetrain at transferring the power from your pedals to your rear wheel (~95% efficiency). In the mud, they would presumedly be even more efficient!

Why are Rohloff hubs so expensive?

However, the use of higher quality materials, more stringent manufacturing methods, and very tight tolerance requirements also account for a significant part of the premium you pay, and these factors are what make the Rohloff a superior product.

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