Academic writing jobs for beginners

4 simple steps on the way to career as an academic writer

For many people today the profession of a remote writer is a dream. And many people don’t know how to approach it. Instantly many questions and doubts going through one’s head. What if it doesn’t work? How much will I earn? And how to look for customers? What if I will be deceived? The list of questions is endless. And so, without risking to try, many continue to just dream about this interesting profession, which has many advantages. But many people still have the courage to decide to make the first move. And then they ask the question: where to start? So, if you recognize yourself in this situation, read the article and find answers to many questions you are interested in.

Step 1

The first thing you need is to find sites, different platforms with which you can find the first (and further) customer. A huge number of such sites can be easily found on the Internet. For a start, we can advise you But still, all the sites differ from each other. What makes it different? First, many reliable sites have many features that simplify the process of interaction between the customer and the contractor. One of the main functions is a secure transaction. This helps many performers not to be left without paying for the work done, and customers, in turn, can not worry that they paid money for poor-quality work.

Step 2

Create a portfolio. Here you should tell as much as possible about what your work experience, your rates, deadlines, what additional skills you have, education (if you think it is appropriate). The most important part of your portfolio is examples of your previous work. This will give the customer a more full picture of your capabilities and skills. In addition to examples of your works, you can also add to your portfolio customers’ reviews. But what if you don’t have examples? Then, in this case, we advise you to start with the simplest and cheapest orders. This will help you gain a little experience, understand the principle of work. So do not try the first time to earn a lot of money.

Your portfolio can be presented in any convenient form:

  • Text document (doc, docx, txt);
  • Screenshots (png, jpg);
  • Presentation (pptx).

Step 3

Improve your skills. Try to write on different topics to become a universal writer. In addition, do not forget that the level of your literacy should be high enough. If you write with mistakes, do not follow the basic rules of constructing of the text, lose the thread of the narrative, and to break off the paragraphs, then the search orders would be a huge problem. The better and easier you write, the more likely to attract new customers. Read as many different books as possible to learn how to follow the style of different types of texts.

Step 4

Correctly calculate the cost of your services. As already mentioned, at the initial stage it is not necessary to take up expensive orders. Start with the minimum. But as soon as you feel that you are growing professionally, and see that more and more customers prefer it to your work, you can safely raise prices. But don’t do it too fast. As your skills develop, you can judge how much your work costs. Take into account customer feedback, and objectively treat the assessment of your own work. At the same time, it is very important not to underestimate your own capabilities too much.

So, we’ve covered the most basic steps that will help you start your academic writing career. Let’s summarize all the above and once again briefly list all the main steps:

  1. Find a reliable site or platform to find and work with customers
  2. Create a portfolio with examples of work performed. If you don’t have examples, start with the simplest orders to get experience
  3. Improve your writing skills
  4. Correctly calculate the cost of their services


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