Why was Imagination Movers Cancelled?

Why was Imagination Movers Cancelled?

Disney has opted not to renew “Imagination Movers” for a fourth season. The decision means a loss of several months’ of steady employment for the 100 members of the mostly local crew that worked on the show at the University of New Orleans Foundation’s Nims Center Studios in Harahan.

Where is Scott Durbin from?

Originally from Baton Rouge, Poche received his degree from Louisiana State University and moved to his wife’s hometown of New Orleans.

What happened to the Imagination Movers cast?

Two of the Movers are now empty-nesters; all four have resumed their pre-Disney careers. Durbin is an assistant professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and coordinator of the university’s music business program. Smith is a New Orleans firefighter. Poche is an architect.

Are the Imagination Movers a real band?

The Imagination Movers are a band from New Orleans that formed in 2003 and has gone on to National and International fame first through PBS, then Disney. For more on their music and upcoming shows, visit their website here.

Will Imagination Movers be on Disney plus?

Please continue to watch our show streaming now on Disney + and if you’re in the UK, be patient it’s coming.

Who is the leader of the Imagination Movers?

The Imagination Movers are an American children’s rock band from the Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) series Imagination Movers, formed in New Orleans, Louisiana by drummer Rich Collins, bassist Dave Poche, guitarist/songwriter Scott “Smitty” Smith, and lead singer Scott Durbin.

How old is rich from Imagination Movers?

Rich Collins (born August 30, 1969) is the multi-instrumentalist of the Imagination Movers.

Who plays Nina Imagination Movers?

Wendy Calio-Gilbert
Wahiawa, Hawaii, U.S. Wendy Calio-Gilbert (born August 7, 1977){is an American actress, singer, dancer and choreographer who is best known for her portrayal of Nina, the spirited ever-smiling neighbor on Disney Junior children’s series, Imagination Movers.

Who are the members of Imagination Movers?

David PocheBass
Scott DurbinMandolinRich CollinsDrum KitScott SmithGuitar
Imagination Movers/Members

Who plays Nina on Imagination Movers?

Wendy CalioNina / Played by

Who played Nina on Imagination Movers?

Where is the Imagination Movers Warehouse?

Mouse Hole
Warehouse Mouse is the Imagination Movers’ pet in the Warehouse. He is small, brown, and has scraggly orange hair. He has a sister as well as a nephew named Gouda. He lives at a mouse hole in the wall of the Warehouse….

Warehouse Mouse
Full Name Warehouse Mouse
Gender Male
Species Mouse
Resides in Mouse Hole, Warehouse

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