Why is my Streamlight not working?

Why is my Streamlight not working?

First, see if there is power to the charger itself. Second, check to be sure that the flashlight is properly inserted into the charging system. If the red light still does not light, the flashlight and charger should be returned for repair.

Why is my LED flashlight not working?

The first thing you should always do if your flashlight is not working is double check the batteries. Even if you’re sure you put new, fresh batteries in your device, swap them out. You never know if it’s a simple problem until you try a simple solution. If the problem persists, move on.

Does Streamlights have lifetime warranty?

Streamlight® Limited Lifetime Warranty Streamlight warrants its products to be free of defects for a lifetime of use except for batteries and bulbs, abuse and normal wear*. We will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of this product should we determine it to be defective.

Why does a flashlight stop working?

If a particular app or process is conflicting with the flashlight, then a simple reboot should fix it. Just hold the power button and select “Power off” from the menu. Now wait 10-15 seconds and turn it back on. This should fix the problem in most cases.

How do I reset my Streamlight flashlight?

Reprogram Your TEN-TAP® Flashlight On the 10th time, hold the switch down and continue holding until the light turns off, then release. This will change your light to the next program, to continue changing the programming of your flashlight, simply repeat this process.

How do you fix a flashlight that won’t turn on?

If your flashlight has a dim or weak light or simply won’t turn on, it could be the battery. Check the battery in the flashlight to make sure that it still has charge in it. You might just have to replace or charge the battery. If the batteries have charge then inspect the batteries carefully for any leaks.

Does snap on warranty Streamlight?

With an impervious stainless steel head for durability, Snap-on flashlights are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Is SureFire better than Streamlight?

The weight difference of the Streamlight vs Surefire is about 2 ounces, with the Surefire taking the win on the lightest weapon-mounted light of the two. Weight can be a big deal when it comes to your weapon-mounted light because they often add to front-end weight on your gun.

How do I contact Streamlight?

If you have any questions on the warranty of your Streamlight product or service, please contact us directly at 800-523-7488 / 610-631-0600.

How do you turn off the strobe on Streamlight ProTac?

GENERAL OPERATION As an example, to turn on each lighting mode within the ProTac® HL’s default program: High: Tap and hold; click to lock on; click again for off. Strobe: Fast double-tap (within 0.4 seconds) and hold; click to lock on; click again for off.

Why is my iPhone flashlight not working?

Hard restart your iPhone, then go back to Customize Center Settings and add the flashlight back by tapping the plus symbol in the green circle next to Flashlight in Control Center Settings.

Can I use a different battery in my Streamlight flashlight?

No. Streamlight products are optimized and the components can be damaged or destroyed by the use of anything other than the recommended battery type. The use of improper or substandard lithium batteries can be especially dangerous. What brand CR123 Lithium Batteries can I use with Streamlight flashlights?

What makes Streamlight LED lights unique?

This includes the photonic crystal and thin film chip technology that enhance LED efficiency, Streamlight’s high quality reflectors which help focus and intensify the light, and expert Streamlight engineering design, which drives the operation of the light in such a way that maximizes the overall effectiveness of the LED chip.

How do I contact Streamlight customer service?

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How do I get my Streamlight repaired?

Streamlights have lifetime warranties. Contact them to find a dealer that can fix it. They might even let you send it in to get fixed. 3/21/2015 10:50:41 AM • Streamlight Inc… • Answered on Mar 21, 2015

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