Why does my Brother printer says no paper when there is paper?

Why does my Brother printer says no paper when there is paper?

The message “No Paper” will appear on the LCD display if the Brother machine does not detect paper in the paper tray(Tray#1 or Tray#2) or MP(Multi-purpose) Tray. Resetting the Brother machine may resolve this issue.

What do I do when my printer says no paper?

If you keep on getting error messages saying there is no paper in the printer, check the paper rollers and clean any specks of dust or debris. Also, make sure the paper stack is not wrinkled or bent. Take out the stack of paper and push the tray back in. Take it out again and put back the paper.

Why does my Brother printer says manually feed insert paper?

“Manual Feed” is an indication that your machine’s Tray Setting or the paper source in the printer driver has been set to Manual Feed, but there’s no paper loaded in the manual feed slot. 1. Load a sheet of paper in the manual feed slot. The document should print and clear the error message.

Why does my printer print blank pages?

There are numerous possible causes for a printer that’s randomly producing blanks. The most common ones are empty ink cartridges, improper cartridge installation, and congested nozzles. Driver and software issues can sometimes cause this problem as well. Running out of ink?

What does no paper fed mean?

“No Paper Fed [MP Tray]” will occur when your machine is trying to print from the MP Tray but the paper isn’t loaded, or the paper can’t be pulled through.

What does no paper t1 mean?

The machine failed to feed paper from the indicated paper tray. Check the following points to resolve the issue: Refill paper in the paper tray indicated on the machine’s display. Make sure the paper guides are set to the correct size.

How do I get my printer to print manually?

Use both hands to slide the manual feed slot paper guides to fit the width of the paper you are using. Using both hands, put one full sheet of paper or one envelope in the manual feed slot until the front edge touches the paper feed roller. When you feel the machine pull it in, let go. The document will be printed out.

How do I manually put paper in my printer?

Printing using manual feed

  1. Make sure that the product is idle and the Ready light is on.
  2. Access the product Properties dialog box.
  3. Click the Paper/Quality tab.
  4. Select Manual Feed from the Source is drop-down list.
  5. Load paper or an envelope into the priority feed slot, depending on the print job.

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