Why did Mickey Virtue leave Ali and Astro?

Why did Mickey Virtue leave Ali and Astro?

He eventually quit the band in 2013 after they decided to record a set of country songs. He wasn’t interested in this genre of music and was only interested in performing and promoting reggae. He went on to join Ali Campbell and Virtue in a Rival band to UB40.

Is Allie Campbell married?

Famous singer and songwriter Ali Campbell is married to his wife, Julie Campbell.

Why did Ali and Robin Campbell fall out?

Ali said Duncan and Robin had ‘betrayed’ him. He said: ” I was kind of betrayed by them, and I left citing problems with management. All that management has been struck off so I stand vindicated.”

Are there 2 ub40s?

There are technically two versions of UB40 now performing. The original UB40 – with Robin Campbell as lead singer – have the rights to the official UB40 name, and have continued to perform and release music together.

Did Ali Campbell have a stroke?

The 63-year-old, who replaced his brother Ali on singing duties in the British reggae pop band in 2008, suffered a stroke in August last year. Since then the former pro spoon player had been recovering in preparation for the Birmingham band’s upcoming UK tour.

How old is Ali Campbell?

63 years (February 15, 1959)Ali Campbell / Age

Is Ali Campbell and Robin Campbell related?

James Brown, Earl Falconer, Norman Hassan, Brian Travers, Michael Virtue, Terence ‘Astro’ Wilson, Ali Campbell and his brother Robin Campbell; eight names that will make the British reggae-pop lover’s heart beat faster, and that for over 43 years now.

Why did UB40 break up?

Campbell’s older brother and bandmate Robin said on behalf of UB40: “We’ve been rehearsing with every intention of Duncan’s return to performing, but sadly, after suffering further illness, he has made the decision to retire from music in order to concentrate fully on his recovery.

Is Ali Campbell still with UB40?

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell have confirmed that they will continue with plans to tour this year. Ex-UB40 member Astro died in November 2021 of a short illness, and the lineup of the group featuring singer Ali Campbell will play their previously-announced shows in February in his memory.

Who are Ali Campbell’s parents?

Ian Campbell
Patricia Weaver
Ali Campbell/Parents
Ali is the son of the late Scottish folk singer Ian Campbell. The identity of his mother has not been specified at the moment. We will update once we get the information about his mother. He is the brother of former bandmate Robin Campbell and current UB40 frontman Duncan, Campbell.

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