Why choose Hummel AG?

Why choose Hummel AG?

HUMMEL AG is an internationally successful medium-sized enterprise. With 11 foreign subsidiaries and a worldwide network of partners, customers are quickly and reliably supplied with the products and solutions from HUMMEL AG.

What is the environmental impact of the new Hummel project?

HUMMEL is proud to already be able to point to a large number of environmental protection and energy-saving measures. Thanks to a water treatment system, 100% of the water can be discharged into the sewage system after galvanic surface treatment.

What are the milestones achieved by the second generation of Hummel?

The milestones achieved by the second generation included the launch of plastic production (1972), patent registration of the rotating vent valve (1976) and the investment in fully automated galvanics (1987). In 1971, HUMMEL registered a packing gland connection for patent, which represented a quantum leap in the cable connection sector.

Who is the founder of Hummel?

By establishing the company “Anton Hummel Metallwarenfabrik” in Alt-­Simonswald, Holger Hummel’s grandfather laid the first foundations in 1948 for the modern-day HUMMEL AG. The company headquarters were relocated to Waldkirch as early as 1952.

What happened to Hummel’s work?

After Hummel’s death in 1946, this right was transferred to an Artistic Board of the Sisters of Siessen, who continue to closely guard Hummel’s philosophy and artistic style to this day. Goebel produced the first Hummel figurines in 1935 and production continues until this day.

How to tell if a Hummel figurine is real?

How to Identify Authentic Hummel Figurines 1 TMK Mark / Goebel Trademark. The first thing you need to do is look for the Goebel trademark, also known as a TMK, at the bottom of your Hummel figurine. 2 HUM Numbers and Other Nomenclatures. Each figurine has the so-called Hummel or HUM number. 3 Signs of Forgery.

Who is the current chairman of Hummel?

Over the course of time, France, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden and Austria followed. In 2007, the current chairman of the board, Holger Hummel, joined the company. This secures the future of HUMMEL AG as a family-managed company.

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