Who wore #12 and was the only Seahawks to wear it?

Who wore #12 and was the only Seahawks to wear it?

Adkins was a tenth round selection of the Seattle Seahawks in the 1977 NFL Draft and played for them from 1977–1982 as a backup quarterback to Jim Zorn, and is the only member of the Seahawks to wear the number 12. (In 1984, the number was retired in honor of the Seahawks fans.)…Sam Adkins (American football)

Pass attempts: 39
QB Rating: 40.7

Why did Seahawks retire number 12?

It all started in 1984 when Seahawks president Mike McCormack announced the team would be officially retiring the No. 12 jersey to honor “the best fans in football.” The gesture marked the first time in sports franchise history a professional sports team retired a jersey in honor of its fans.

What happened to number 12 on the Seahawks?

Forever retired in honor of our fans The impact of Seattle fans had such an impact on the success of the team in the 1980’s that Seahawks President Mike McCormack retired the number 12 jersey on December 15, 1984 forever. A tribute to the best fans in the NFL.

How much did the Seahawks pay for the 12th Man?

Following a legal battle between the university and the NFL team, the Seahawks worked out a deal with Texas A&M in 2006 to use the 12th Man trademark. The Seahawks paid a $100,000 lump sum and an annual fee to the university.

Who is number 12 on the Seahawks 2020?


Player No Experience
Ugo Amadi 28 4
Cody Barton 57 4
Nick Bellore 44 12
Marquise Blair 27 4

Who is number 12 on the Seattle Seahawks 2020?

Darrell Taylor
Darrell Taylor Message To 12s.

Is the 12th Man trademarked?

A&M’s been calling its fans the 12th Man for generations, and the Aggies do own the trademark to the term. The Seahawks pay A&M nearly $30,000 per year to use the mark just in the Pacific Northwest.

What is 12th Man in ISL?

The 12th man or 12th player is a collective term for fans of sports teams in many eleven-a-side games, in particular association football or American football.

Who owns the 12th Man?

On social media, Texas A&M University is now the sole home of the “12th Man.” That’s what the university declared on Thursday after announcing a licensing agreement with the Seattle Seahawks to allow the NFL team to continue to use the trademarked phrase, with some new restrictions.

Who owns the rights to 12th Man?

Texas A&M’s 12th Man According to ESPN, Texas A&M had used the term “12th Man” well before the Seahawks. They’d even trademarked it. In 2006, the school and the team came to a licensing agreement that they re-upped in 2011.

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