Who won election in 1991 in India?

Who won election in 1991 in India?

P V Narasimha Rao of Indian National Congress became the Prime Minister of India from 21 June 1991 till 16 May 1996, after INC won 244 seats, 47 more than previous 9th Lok Sabha.

How many seats did the BJP win in 1991?

1991 Indian general election

Leader P. V. Narasimha Rao L.K. Advani
Leader’s seat Nandyal New Delhi (vacated) Gandhinagar
Seats won 244 120
Seat change 47 35

Who won 1992 election in India?

Elected President The Election Commission of India held indirect 10th presidential elections of India on 16 July 1992. Shankar Dayal Sharma with 675,864 votes won over his nearest rival George Gilbert Swell who got 346,485 votes.

Who won 1991 election in Bangladesh?

The 1991 Bangladeshi presidential election was held on October 8, 1991. This was the first indirect election after the restoration of the parliamentary system. Abdur Rahman Biswas was nominated by the ruling party. He won the election unopposed as there were no other candidates to run for the election.

Who was PM before V. P. Singh?

Vishwanath Pratap Singh
In office 24 January 1987 – 12 April 1987
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
Preceded by Rajiv Gandhi
Succeeded by Krishna Chandra Pant

Who was ruling India in 1990?

National Front (NF) was a coalition of political parties led by the Janata Dal which formed India’s government between 1989 and 1990 under the leadership of N. T. Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR, as President of national front and V. P. Singh as Convener.

Which govt was in Centre in 1990?

Who ruled India in 1990?

Later Chandra Shekhar became Prime Minister from 10 November 1990 to 21 June 1991 with outside support from Indian National Congress under Rajiv Gandhi. The next 10th Lok Sabha was formed on 20 June 1991 after the 1991 Indian general election.

When was the first national parliament election held in Bangladesh?

General elections were held in newly independent Bangladesh on 7 March 1973. The result was a victory for the Bangladesh Awami League, who won 293 of the 300 seats, including eleven constituencies where they were elected unopposed without a vote. Voter turnout was 54.9%.

Is BP Singh alive?

B. P. Singh
Born Brijendra Pal Singh 27 April 1949 Dehradun, United Provinces, India
Occupation Director, Producer, Actor
Years active 1973–present
Known for C.I.D., Aahat

Who was the prime minister in 1991 in India?


No. Name Assumed office of Prime Minister
6 Rajiv Gandhi 31 October 1984
7 Vishwanath Pratap Singh 2 December 1989
8 Chandra Shekhar 10 November 1990
9 P. V. Narasimha Rao 21 June 1991

Who was in power in India in 1992?

Rao ministry

P. V. Narasimha Rao ministry
Head of state R. Venkataraman (until 25 July 1987 – 25 July 1992) Shankar Dayal Sharma (from 25 July 1992)
Head of government P. V. Narasimha Rao
Member party Indian National Congress (Congress alliance)
Status in legislature Minority 256 / 543 (47%)

When were the previous Lok Sabha elections held?

The 1991 elections were held as the previous Lok Sabha, with Chandra Sekhar at its helm had been dissolved just 16 months after government formation.

What was the result of the election of 1991 in India?

The end result was a Congress-led minority government led by P. V. Narasimha Rao, who had previously announced his retirement from politics. 76 to 126 people were shot dead during campaign on 17 June 1991 in two attacks by gunmen in Punjab, an area racked by separatist violence.

When were the general elections held in India?

General elections were held in India on 20 May, 12 June and 15 June 1991 to elect the members of the 10th Lok Sabha, although they were delayed until 19 February 1992 in Punjab.

Who was in a position to form government in Punjab in 1992?

Elections were held in Punjab on 19 February 1992, where INC won 12 out of 13 seats, thereby taking their tally in the Lok Sabha up from 232 to 244. Congress was in a position to form government. The persons, mentioned in media, as probable Prime Minister, were:

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