Who were the original characters of EastEnders?

Who were the original characters of EastEnders?

From the original cast Nejdet Salih, Bill Treacher, Leonard Fenton, Andrew Johnson, Peter Dean, Shreela Ghosh, Anita Dobson, John Altman, Gillian Taylforth, Letitia Dean, Adam Woodyatt, Susan Tully, Tom Watt, Oscar James, Linda Davidson, Paul J. Medford and Shirley Cheriton are still alive.

What celebrities have been in EastEnders?

A selection of Walford’s most memorable former residents.

  • Adam Best. Played by David Proud.
  • Afia Masood. Played by Meryl Fernandes.
  • AJ (Amjad Jahangir) Ahmed. Played by Phaldut Sharma.
  • Al Jenkins. Played by Adam Croasdell.
  • Aleks Shirovs. Played by Kristian Kiehling.
  • Alice Branning. Played by Jasmyn Banks.
  • Amanda Best.
  • Amira Masood.

Who is the oldest character in EastEnders?

Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, is the longest-serving character and the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985.

How old is Suki in EastEnders?

But many fans may not know the BBC star’s real age is actually 41, making her only a few years older than her sons, Amar, 34, Jaz, 31, Shiv, 26 and 27-year-old Gurlaine.

Which character has appeared in the most episodes of EastEnders?

Ian Beale
Adam Woodyatt has played Ian Beale in 3460 episodes of EastEnders from 1985 onwards as well as appearing in the spin-offs, Dimensions in Time in 1993, Last Tango in Walford in 2010, The Walford Apprentice in 2012, and also the Children in Need special The Ghosts of Ian Beale and in the internet episodes of the E20 ( …

Who did Emmanuella Cole play in EastEnders?

Eve Igwe
Eve Igwe made her first appearance on 22 January 2016. She is portrayed by Emmanuella Cole.

Who is the most popular EastEnders character?

1. Adam Woodyatt. Coming in at the top is Adam Woodyatt, who plays one of EastEnders’ original characters Ian Beale. He has been in an astounding 3,261 episodes, with Ian Beale being the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985.

Who was the first black family in EastEnders?

Hattie Tavernier is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Michelle Gayle between 5 July 1990 and 21 December 1993. Hattie and her family were introduced in July 1990 by producer Michael Ferguson. The Taverniers were the first collective black family to join the soap at the same time.

What religion are the Panasars?

Deol’s character was part of the first Sikh family in EastEnders. The Panesar family are of Ramgarhia Sikh heritage.

How old is Honey in EastEnders?

Emma Barton
Born Emma Louise Barton 26 July 1977 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present
Known for Role of Honey Mitchell in EastEnders

Who is the only original cast member still in EastEnders?

The longest-serving cast member is Nick Pickard, who has played Tony Hutchinson since the very first episode; he is the only original cast member still with the show. Next on Hollyoaks, Toby rushes to find Cleo after making a shocking discovery, but is he too late?

Who starred in the most episodes of EastEnders?

Who appeared in the most episodes, each year? 2009: Ronnie Mitchell at 115 episodes. 2008: Jack Branning at 136 episodes. 2007: Phil Mitchell at 132 episodes. 2006: Peggy Mitchell at 139 episodes. 2005: Chrissie Watts at 132 episodes. 2004: Alfie Moon at 164 episodes. 2003: Alfie Moon at 179 episodes. 2002: Peggy Mitchell at 165…

Who are the characters in EastEnders?

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  • What happened to the original EastEnders cast?

    Leonard Fenton (Dr Legg)

  • Linda Davidson (Mary Smith)
  • Bill Treacher (Arthur Fowler)
  • Peter Dean (Pete Beale)
  • Oscar James (Tony Carpenter)
  • Susan Tully (Michelle Fowler)
  • Tom Watt (George ‘Lofty’ Holloway )
  • Anita Dobson (Angie Watts)
  • Nejdet Salih (Ali Osman)
  • Nick Berry (Simon Wicks)
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