Who were the dance troupes on Top of the Pops?

Who were the dance troupes on Top of the Pops?

List of Top of the Pops dance troupes

  • 1.1 January to October 1964 – no dance troupes.
  • 1.2 November 1964 to April 1968 – The Go-Jos.
  • 1.3 May to June 1968 – Go-Jos/Pan’s People transition.
  • 1.4 July 1968 to April 1976 – Pan’s People.
  • 1.5 May to October 1976 – Ruby Flipper.
  • 1.6 November 1976 to October 1981 – Legs & Co.

Who were the last dance troupe on TOTP?

The Go-Jos featured on TOTPs from 1964 until 1968 but was finally replaced with Pan’s People. The Go-Jos also guested on other programs in one format or another, they featured on the Val Doonican Show, The Goodies, and The Morecambe and Wise Show. The Go-Jos finally disbanded in 1971.

Who was the first dance troupe on Top of the Pops?

The Go-Jos
The first troupe was called The Go-Jos, but it was Pan’s People – masterminded by Flick Colby – who really defined the role. They made their debut dancing to Tommy James & The Shondells’ ‘Mony Mony’ in 1968, and stayed with the show for nearly ten years.

Who was the last group on Top of the Pops?

Snow Patrol were the last act to play live on the weekly show when they performed their single “Chasing Cars”. Special editions were broadcast on Christmas Day (and usually, until 1984, a second edition a few days after Christmas), featuring some of the best-selling singles of the year and the Christmas number one.

Did Hot Gossip appear on Top of the Pops?

They are often credited as one of the UK’s early television dance troupes, continuing a trend which started with the Go-Jo’s and Pan’s People on Top of the Pops. The group was once spoofed on The Benny Hill Show as Hot Gossamer, with references to the Hot Gossip routines ‘Supernature’ and ‘Walk on the Wild Side’.

What were pans people called after?

After considering other names, including Dionysus’s Darlings they agreed on the name Pan’s People, named after the Greek god Pan as the “god of dance, music and debauchery”.

Did Hot Gossip do Top of the Pops?

Who took over from Pan’s People on Top of the Pops?

spent a further four years performing at corporate events and cabaret shows. However several members had left at the end of the Top of the Pops period; the new line-up had Hammond, Cartwright and Menhenick joined by Patricia McSherry (who also danced with Dee Dee Wilde’s Pan’s People), Sandra Easby and Liz Green.

Is Arlene Phillips married?

Angus IonArlene Phillips / Spouse

Why did everyone mime on Top of the Pops?

As it happens, the rules were that the artists had to re-record the track “as live” that day, which they could then mime to during the actual performance. It was an open secret that the tapes would then get “mixed up” and the single studio version played. Each and every time for years on end this mistake happened!

What year did they stop miming on Top of the Pops?

Initially, acts performing on the show mimed to their latest record, but in July 1966, just after the show had been moved to London from Manchester, and after discussions with the Musicians’ Union, miming was banned.

What was the name of the girl dance group on TOTP?

In the UK, Top of the Pops (BBC 1) was the premier pop chart program and used a girl dance troupe called The Go-Jos, They were formed by Jo Cook in 1964 and she also was the choreographer. Over their tenure on TOTPs, the line-up changed as they went from three to six and at one point a solo effort by Jo Cook.

Why did they stop using dance troupes on top of the Pops?

By the early 1980s, record companies were offering the BBC free promotional videos, meaning dance troupes no longer fulfilled their original purpose. Zoo’s run ended in 1983, and with it the use of dance troupes on Top Of The Pops.

Who was the original top of the Pops dancer?

In April 1968, a Top of the Pops choreographer, Virginia Mason, auditioned for dancers for a routine on Top of The Pops ( Simon Says by the 1910 Fruitgum Company ); two of whom that were successful ( Ruth Pearson and Patricia “Dee Dee” Wilde) were part of the existing six-female dance troupe, Pan’s People.

Where did top of the Pops come from?

It had a national chart (mostly of dance music and some pop) as well as live performances, and was based on a local late ’70s programme in Toronto called CITY-TV Boogie. The Top of the Pops brand has also been exported to New Zealand.

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