Who was the longest serving actor in The Bill?

Who was the longest serving actor in The Bill?

Simon Rouse, as Jack Meadows, appeared in 884 episodes, including the series finale “Respect”. He is the longest serving actor to portray a character in a senior role.

Who were the sergeants in The Bill?


  • Sergeant Matthew Boyden (Tony O’Callaghan)
  • Sergeant Joseph Corrie (Roland Oliver)
  • Sergeant Bob Cryer (Eric Richard)
  • Sergeant Craig Gilmore (Hywel Simons)
  • Sergeant Jane Kendall (Liz Crowther)
  • Sergeant John Maitland (Sam Miller)
  • Sergeant Tom Penny (Roger Leach)
  • Sergeant Alec Peters (Larry Dann)

Where did they film The Bill?

The first series of The Bill was filmed on a shoestring budget in Wapping, East London, with the interior of “Sun Hill police station” actually housed within a former cigarette packing factory.

Who plays Stuart in The Bill?

Doug Rao

Stuart Turner
Portrayed by: Doug Rao
● First Appearance: [2006×023 – Episode 400 ● Last Appearance: 2009×044 – Conviction – Judgement Day)
List of Appearances

Who was the bent copper in The Bill?

Frank Burnside
Portrayed by: Christopher Ellison
● First Appearance: Funny Ol’ Business – Cops & Robbers Just Call Me Guvnor ● Last Appearance: Thug On The Tyne, Part 2
List of Appearances

Is The Bill coming back in 2021?

The Bill is set to make a huge comeback to television in 2021 with three original characters. The classic cop drama that aired for 26 series from 1983 until 2010 on ITV looks to be making a return.

Why are police called The Bill?

Growing up in South London the term ‘old bill’ came from Bill and Ben the flower pot men, a children’s puppet show on TV. The Police always patrolled in two’s, hence people would say here comes Bill & Ben which then got shortened to here comes the bill.

Who played DC Banks wife in The Bill?

During 2008 Thomson had a recurring role in ITV’s detective show The Bill, as barrister Naomi Woods, wife of DC Jacob Banks. In March 2009, she became a regular cast member of the ITV1 soap opera Emmerdale, playing the role of Faye Lamb.

Who played Stuart Turner in The Bill?

Is Dunhill a real police station?

Sun Hill Police Station is the station in which The Bill is set. It serves the district of Sun Hill, which is within the fictitious borough of Canley.

Who played Rosie Fox in The Bill?

Caroline Catz
Caroline Catz, born 19 October, 1969 in Manchester, is a British actress who played Rosie Fox in The Bill. She has also been in; The Vice. All Quiet on the Preston Front.

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