Who was the costume designer for Pretty Little Liars?

Who was the costume designer for Pretty Little Liars?

designer Cameron Dale
When pulling pieces for the show, “PLL” costume designer Cameron Dale said her team focused on dressing the characters in clothes the average viewer could afford.

What did Spencer dress up as for Halloween?

2. Spencer Hastings as Marie “Slim” Browning.

What did Emily and Paige dress up as for Halloween?

Wait just a damn minute. Emily is dressed as Barbarella… and in Barbarella that’s how they have sex… with emotional transference when their “psychocardiograms are in perfect harmony.” Basically Emily and Paige have the nerdiest most lesbian sex ever.

Who is the Queen of Hearts PLL?

The Queen of Hearts was identified as Darren Wilden and Melissa Hastings. Melissa confirmed that she was the second Queen of Hearts in “Face Time”.

Who has the best style on Pretty Little Liars?

PLL: The Most Stylish Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Hanna. And in the number-one position would be Ms.
  2. 2 Aria. The character with the most unique sense of style, of course, was Aria Montgomery.
  3. 3 Spencer.
  4. 4 Mona.
  5. 5 Ashley.
  6. 6 Alison.
  7. 7 Charlotte.
  8. 8 Kate Randall.

When did Mandi leave PLL?

Mandi Line, responsible for Aria’s feathered earrings, Hanna’s booby funeral wear and all of their Disney-inspired prom dresses, exited after the mid-season finale.

Who was A in The First Secret?

After Ali gets a text from “A”, there is a bunch of Baby Mask Monsters standing there. One hangs up the phone and takes off the mask. Her identity was not revealed, but it is assumed it was Mona Vanderwaal since she was Alison’s “A”.

Who tried pushing Aria off the train?

Was it ever confirmed who was trying to push Aria off the halloween train? According to Mona’s 4.01 “tell all” and Melissa’s story to Spencer in 4.04, it was Wilden.

Who locked Aria in the box PLL?

According to Melissa, it’s Darren Wilden who kills Garrett and locks Aria in a box with Garrett’s body, but Wilden was clearly put up to it by someone — like, say, A. Big A visits an unmedicated Mona in Radley and has her give him what he needs to shut Garrett up forever.

Who buried Alison alive?

Later that night, Alison was hit in the back of the head with a rock by Charlotte DiLaurentis and buried alive underneath the gazebo construction site by Jessica DiLaurentis who was under the impression she was dead and was protecting Charlotte. Alison was pulled out of her grave by Carla Grunwald, however.

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