Who tackled David Busst?

Who tackled David Busst?

The Coventry City defender was in action against Manchester United in 1996 when, just two minutes into the game, he got his right leg caught between the tackles of Denis Irwin and Brian McClair, resulting in devastating compound fractures to both tibia and fibula.

What was Alan Smith injury?

Smith was left with a broken leg and a dislocated ankle after attempting to block Liverpool defender Riise’s shot at goal during a FA Cup fifth-round clash at Anfield.

Did Denis Irwin break his leg?

Had I been standing on my left leg at the time, I think it might well have been broken. As it happened, it just went with the tackle and that saved me to some extent. “People say I was very lucky to escape without a fracture – and I was.

Who broke Djibril Cisse leg?

Cisse was left screaming in agony as he fell to the ground after an innocuous tangle with Blackburn defender Jamie McEveley. The incident occurred just 12 months and 47 days after Milan Baros and Jamie Carragher broke an ankle and shin respectively on Liverpool’s previous visit to the ground.

Where is Lee Bowyer now?

Birmingham City F.C.Lee Bowyer / Current team (head coach)

Who broke Alan Smith leg?

Smith blocked a powerful free-kick from Riise in the FA Cup clash at Anfield but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle after the ball struck him. Speaking to Ladbrokes ahead of this Sunday’s big game between the two sides, Riise revealed he was determined to make sure Smith was okay.

Was Denis Irwin good?

He was an expert free-kick and penalty-taker and ended up netting an impressive 33 goals for the Red Devils. Irwin was a crucial part of the club’s greatest successes during the 1990s. He was rightly voted into the Premier League team of the decade and now regularly features in all-time Premier League XIs.

Who broke Irwins leg?

Millions of television viewers saw Irwin’s leg buckle beneath him after he was caught by a ferocious tackle by the Feyenoord player late in the game, at a stage when the Dutch team trailed 3-0.

How did Henrik Larsson break his leg?

During Celtic’s 1–0 defeat in a UEFA Cup tie against Lyon on 21 October 1999, Larsson suffered a career-threatening injury, breaking his leg in two places in a challenge with Serge Blanc. This resulted in him spending eight months on the sidelines, only returning on the last day of the 1999–2000 season.

Who broke their leg Liverpool player?

Harvey Elliott has returned to full training for Liverpool after sustaining a horrific injury back in September. The 18 year old dislocated his ankle in an accidental challenge with Leeds’ Pascal Struijk in Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Elland Road.

Who is Lee Bowyer married to?

Gemma BowyerLee Bowyer / Spouse

What did Lee Bowyer do?

Woodgate was cleared of grievous bodily harm and his Leeds United teammate, Lee Bowyer (24), was also acquitted on charges of grievous bodily harm and affray in connection with the attack on Mr Sarfraz Najeib (21) in Leeds in January last year.

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