Who runs Canberra light rail?

Who runs Canberra light rail?

Canberra Metro Operations
The service is operated by Canberra Metro Operations (CMET), in association with Deutsche Bahn Engineering and Consulting, under a 20-year contract. CMET is a joint venture between John Holland and Pacific Partnerships, both of whom are part of the Canberra Metro consortium.

Who is building Canberra light rail?

the Canberra Metro consortium
CPB Contractors, as part of the Canberra Metro consortium, worked with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government to design and construct the first stage of Canberra’s light rail project.

How many people use Canberra light rail?

Launched in April 2019, light rail is proving to be an attractive and accessible transport choice for Canberra residents with, on average, over 90,000 passenger boardings each week.

How often does the light rail run in Canberra?

every 5 minutes
Light rail services operate between Gungahlin and the City up to every 5 minutes. Detailed light rail frequency can be found on the CMET website.

How long did it take to build Canberra light rail?

After a three-year construction timeframe, work is now complete on Canberra’s Light Rail Stage One, the city’s biggest ever infrastructure project. The new light rail system is now taking passengers, offering a new public transport option for the local community.

When did Canberra light rail start?

April 20, 2019Light rail in Canberra / Began operation

Who owns Cmet?

the Canberra Metro Consortium
Canberra Metro Operations (CMET) is part of the Canberra Metro Consortium which is a group of companies that have been contracted by the ACT Government to operate and maintain the Light Rail network for a period of 20 years.

How many trains are there in Canberra?

Today Canberra is serviced by three daily NSW TrainLink Xplorer services each way with three carriages to Sydney.

Does Canberra have Opal?

ACT government looks to Sydney’s Opal card for Canberra public transport. The ACT government will consider bringing Sydney’s Opal smartcard system to Canberra as part of upgrades to public transport services and the development of the Gungahlin light rail line.

Does Opal work in Canberra?

No, as it is outside the Opal card boundaries. You can book by telephone – within Australia 13 22 32 for the price of a local call, seven days a week 0700 to 2200 hours, or book online at NSW Transport (Regional). Rail is a great way to travel to Canberra.

Do MyWay cards expire?

MyWay cards remain valid for two years from the date of the last transaction (a transaction could be either travel or recharge). Once a card has expired, it cannot be reactivated and a new card will need to be purchased. Any available travel balance on the expired card can be transferred to the new MyWay card.

Can I catch a train from Canberra to Sydney?

Is there a direct train between Canberra and Sydney? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Canberra Station station and arriving at Central Station station. Services depart every four hours, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 4h 7m.

Is there a light rail in Canberra?

The Canberra light rail network, also known as Canberra Metro, is a light rail system serving the city of Canberra, Australia. The initial 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) line links the northern town centre of Gungahlin to the city centre (Civic) and has 14 stops. Services commenced on 20 April 2019.

Is Canberra light rail stage 2A approved by ACT Government?

^ Hayne, Jordan (10 September 2019). “Canberra light rail’s business plan for Stage 2A approved by ACT Government, London Circuit to be raised”. ABC.net.au. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Can Canberra Hospital extension officially dropped for stage two of light rail?

“Canberra Hospital extension officially dropped for stage two of light rail”. The Canberra Times. Retrieved 10 April 2018. ^ Trask, Steven (19 April 2018). “ACT government announces preferred stage two light rail route”.

When will Canberra’s light rail open at Mitchell?

“Construction begins on ACT light rail depot at Mitchell”. The Canberra Times. ^ Burgess, Katie (26 October 2018). “Canberra’s light rail won’t take passengers until 2019”.

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