Who played Andy McDonald in Coronation Street?

Who played Andy McDonald in Coronation Street?

Nicholas Marc Cochrane
Nicholas Marc Cochrane is an English actor, known for his role as Andy McDonald in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street….

Nicholas Cochrane
Born Nicholas Marc Cochrane Wythenshawe, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1989–present

How many times has Steve McDonald in Coronation Street been married?

Steve is Coronation Street’s most married character, having been married seven times to five women.

What happened to Steve McDonald brother in Coronation Street?

Andy was axed in 1997 by then-producer Brian Park as part of his infamous cast cull, designed to shake up the Street.

Is Emma Steve’s daughter Corrie?

Emma Brooker is the daughter of Steve McDonald and Fiona Middleton, and half-sister of Amy Barlow. Emma arrived in Coronation Street in 2018 to work as an apprentice hairdresser at Audrey’s salon.

Has Simon Gregson left Corrie?

He was written out of the series for over a year after The Sun ran a story in which Gregson allegedly admitted regularly spending £1,000 per month on cocaine. He returned to his Coronation Street role after rehabilitation.

What happened to Andy in Coronation Street?

In 1997, Andy was caught up in Gerry Turner’s armed siege at 11 Coronation Street and soon after he left for a new life in Barcelona, where he became an English teacher. He briefly returned in 2009 to see Steve’s wedding to Becky Granger.

Did Steve McDonald sleep with Maxine?

On-screen, Fiona discovers that Steve has cheated on her with Maxine. She sells her salon and leaves Weatherfield with Morgan in September 1998. For her portrayal of Fiona, Griffin won the Most Popular Newcomer accolade at the 1st National Television Awards.

Who is the father of Fiona Middleton’s baby?

Angela Griffin appears in Coronation Street for the first time in 21 years on Wednesday 21st August when Fiona Middleton is seen on a video call to Australia to daughter Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) following confirmation that Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is her biological father.

What happened to the other McDonald twin?

Andy is still said to be living abroad where he works as an English teacher. From time to time, Andy has cropped up in Corrie and was last seen in 2009 when Steve married Becky Granger (Katherine Kelly.

Who played Steve McDonald’s twin brother?

Corrie actor who played Steve McDonald’s twin looks unrecognisable in TV appearance. Nicholas Cochrane, 48, looked so different from his days on the cobbles as he joined the sofas on Steph’s Packed Lunch. Corrie’s Andy McDonald actor Nicholas Cochrane was unrecognisable as he prepared for a rare TV appearance today.

Who is the father of Fiona’s baby in Coronation Street?

Fiona soon found she was pregnant and on the 3rd May 1999 she had a baby girl Emma. Fiona never told Steve that Emma was his daughter. Fiona met and married a man called John Brooker who took Emma on as his own child, and lead her to believe she was his real daughter.

Is Curtis lying in Coronation Street?

Later this week she calls Neville and asks him for the truth. When Curtis finally admits he’s not dying and reveals he fakes it for attention and can’t stop, Emma orders him to pack his bags.

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