Who owns Primedia in South Africa?

Who owns Primedia in South Africa?

The Primedia Group is owned by the Mineworkers’ Investment Company (MIC), Ethos, the FirstRand Group and the Old Mutual Group (Old Mutual Private Equity and Old Mutual Specialised Finance) who are our major shareholders.

What does Primedia do?

Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Primedia Outdoor: Primedia Outdoor is a national outdoor advertising media specialist. Part of the Out-of-Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Primedia Outdoor focuses primarily on the marketing and sales of outdoor advertising signage.

Who is the ceo of Primedia?

Omar Essack He joined Primedia Broadcasting in January 2017 as its CEO, before being appointed CEO of the Primedia Group in April 2018. Omar has written about the media environment and radio for US, European, Indian and South Africa media and marketing publications.

When was lead SA started and by whom?

Hope, give and inspiration are the key words of Lead SA since 2010. SparkTour Africa: Why Lead SA was created? Says Catherine Constantinides, executive director of Lead SA: “Lead SA was born out of a need to create a platform to inspire South-Africans.

Does Primedia own Ster Kinekor?

TechCentral understands that Ster-Kinekor, which was owned by Primedia until 2018, is owned by the Mineworkers Investment Company, Ethos Private Equity, Rand Merchant Bank and Old Mutual.

Who owns KFM?

Primedia Broadcasting
KFM is an adult contemporary radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day from Cape Town South Africa to the Western Cape province. It is owned by Primedia Broadcasting, the same group that owns CapeTalk, 947 and 702.

How do I advertise on 947?

It is easy to advertise on 947 Radio. Simply select a time slot (called a spot) of your choice, and we shall find you the best advertising price for that spot. We work with both big and small companies. So we know how to cut your radio advertisement costs.

Which radio station is part of Primedia Broadcasting?

We Know our Audience The home of big brands, big personalities, and lucrative, responsive audiences,Primedia Broadcasting creates connections that achieve incredible results. We are home to premium radio stations 947, 702, Kfm 94.5 and CapeTalk; as well as award-winning independent news brand Eyewitness News.

Is Geraint Crwys Williams related to Jenny Crwys?

Geraint Crwys-Williams and Jenny Crwys-William both work in the media industry and, given their unique surname, it has been confirmed that they are mother and son.

Who is lead SA aimed at?

The focus of the Campaign is to improve the reading abilities of all South African children whilst the main aim of the Campaign is to ensure that all learners are able to demonstrate age appropriate levels of reading by 2019.

Which company owns Ster Kinekor?

The current owners of Ster Kinekor include RMB (22%), MIC investments (21.3%), Old Mutual Life Insurance (3.9%), Old Mutual Specialised Finance (9.5%), Old Mutual Private Equity (14.7%), Ethios Private Equity Fund V1 (19.7%), EPE Capital partners (4.4%), the MMI group (2.7%) and the Galana Trust (1.2%).

Who is Primedia Lifestyle Group?

Primedia Lifestyle: Primedia Lifestyle Group is the No.1 integrated shopping centre marketing company in South Africa. Founded in 1996, the Primedia Lifestyle Group, a Primedia Unlimited subsidiary delivers marketing services to over 35 Shopping centres nationwide, ranging from Convenience Centres to Super-Regional’s.

What is Primedia Unlimited?

Primedia Unlimited is the creative media hub of the Primedia group in the out of home arena through 10 different companies: Fashion Media – Fashion Media specializes in Retail Media holding the exclusive static media rights to in-store advertising for Edgars, Edgars Active and Red Square stores nationwide.

What does Primedia Outdoor do?

Part of the Out-of-Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Primedia Outdoor focuses primarily on the marketing and sales of outdoor advertising signage. It offers national outdoor exposure across a mix of media types, including digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture.

What is Primedia Instore?

Primedia Instore Primedia Instore deals with the installation, maintenance and removal of point of sale advertisements on behalf of FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) companies in the retail store environment. InStore represents more than 13 000 top-end, bottom-end and wholesale stores nationwide.

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