Who makes Dayton Timberline?

Who makes Dayton Timberline?

Dayton Timberline A/T II tires are made by Bridgestone, who also makes Firestone and Fuzion tires.

Are MT tires good for street?

Mud-terrain tires can often be heavy, noisy, and difficult to balance. They also provide clumsy handling and a rough ride on pavement. For people that only need to drive on the road for short distances, this won’t be a big deal. If, however, you drive often, you might not like the feel of mud tires on the street.

What is an MT tire?

M/T tires are “mud terrain” or what some call maximum traction tires. Not surprisingly, this type of tire is designed specifically for driving through mud.

Do they still make Dayton Tires?

— Bridgestone Americas Inc. has phased out the Dayton medium truck tire brand, eight years after reviving the brand as an entry-level product targeted at independent drivers and small fleets.

How long do MT tires last?

around 40,000 miles
This also applies to the deep snow, and therefore, mud-terrain tires are ideal for all-year use. Nonetheless, these tires will not keep your car stable, especially on ice, since they lack contact patch area, although they do boast a decent life span of around 40,000 miles.

Are MT tires good in rain?

MT or AT Tires mud terrain tires. Most mud terrain tires don’t perform in rain and on wet pavement.

Are MT tires loud?

The short answer is yes. These tires are designed to give you the best grip you can possibly get while driving off-road. So rocks, sand, mud, or loose soil should be no problem, but they also come with a fair amount of noise.

Is Dayton made by Bridgestone?

The Dayton DT30 offers great value and dependability in a passenger car tyre….Dayton DT30.

Tyre feature Benefit for you
Manufactured by Bridgestone to the most exacting standards and specifications Super quality
Centre rib Improves handling and stability

Where are Dayton tires made?

Dayton: Made in America Dayton tires boast “excellent retreadability” at a value.

How long do MT tires last on pavement?

Dirt Legal explains that driving with your mud tires on pavement can take up to 20,000 miles (32,186.88 km) off their life expectancy. If you’re worried about ruining your mud tires, proceed to the next section to know if they wear faster than traditional wheels.

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