Who is the youngest in Mindless Behavior?

Who is the youngest in Mindless Behavior?

Chrisanto August
The youngest member of Mindless Behavior is Chrisanto August, A.K.A. Roc Royal. He was bron on July 23, 1997.

How old was Mindless Behavior when they made my girl?

This is their debut single, which was recorded by the quartet when they were all aged 13.

Who is the oldest person in Mindless Behavior?

Ray Ray is the oldest member of the original group at age 25. Before joining the group, Ray Ray used to dance with Tommy the Clown until he left his program to be in Mindless Behavior.

How old is royal August?

24 years (July 23, 1997)Santo August / Age

How old is rayray?

He was born on January 6, 1996 in Los Angeles, California and the last member to audition for Mindless Behavior, as former lead singer Prodigy was discovered on YouTube.

Why did Princeton leave Mindless Behavior?

In November 2013, it was announced that lead singer Prodigy left the group to pursue a solo career, which he proved to be untrue. He left the group because of bullying and mistreatment received from the camp. This left Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal as a trio.

How old is Princeton Mindless Behavior?

25 years (April 21, 1996)Jacob Perez / Age

How many kids does ray ray from Mindless Behavior have?

He was a sub-rapper in the group and later in 2015, he got promoted to lead rapper until he left the group. He has a son named Sane Lopez with his ex-girlfriend Jahmia, making him the second band member of the group to be a father with Santo August being the first.

What are the real names of Mindless Behavior?

Santo AugustVocals
Rayan LopezVocalsJacob PerezVocalsCraig CrippenVocalsElijah JohnsonVocals
Mindless Behavior/Members

What is Santo August real name?

Chresanto Romelo AugustSanto August / Full name

How old is Rayan Quan Lopez?

26 years (January 6, 1996)Rayan Lopez / Age

What happened to Ray Ray Mindless Behavior?

In September 2015, Ray Ray decided to leave the group to pursue a solo career. This left EJ, Mike and Princeton (who was the only original member of the group left) as a trio until the disbandment of the group in February 2017.

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