Who is the best doctor in CMC Vellore?

Who is the best doctor in CMC Vellore?

Who are the top doctors in Cmc,Vellore?

  • Dr. Debasish Danda.
  • Dr. Anooup Gorge Alex.
  • Dr. Pratheesh George Mathen.
  • Dr. Rishiraj Bhatt.
  • Mukul Sharma.
  • Dr. Akja Jha.
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar.
  • Dr. Abira Nousheen.

Who is the owner of CMC Vellore hospital?

Ida Scudder is famous as the founder of the Christian Medical College and its associated hospitals, but her legacy is far greater than the institution and its buildings. She brought new hope and dignity to women in South India, giving them the benefits of modern medicine previously denied them by cultural barriers.

Is CMC Vellore costly for treatment?

The same re-visit fees of Rs 290/- applies for new departments and units for each visit within 3 months. After 3 months has passed, a renewal consultation fee has to be paid. Currently, the ‘Once-in-3-months’ fee is Rs 700/-. First visit to hospital and the very first or brand-new appointment.

Is CMC Vellore college costly?

CMC Vellore MBBS fee structure 2021 – Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore will release the CMC Vellore MBBS course fee structure 2021….CMC Vellore MBBS fee.

Particulars Fees in Rs.
Annual tuition fee Rs. 3,000
One time college fees (to be paid at the time of admission) Rs. 7,300
Other annual fees Rs. 23,605

Who is the best nephrologist in CMC Vellore?

List of Doctors from Nephrology Department

  • Vinoi George David, MD, DM, FRACP.
  • Alexander, MD, DM. FASN.
  • Shibu Jacob, MD. DM.
  • Gautam Rajan, MD, DM.
  • Santosh Varughese, MD, DM, FRCP.
  • Anjali Mohapatra, MD, DM.
  • Anna T Valson, MD, DM.
  • Kakde Shailesh Tulshi Das, DNB, DM.

What is the rank of CMC Vellore in world?

Christian Medical College and Hospital – Vellore is ranked #803 in Best Global Universities.

What is the full form of CMC Vellore?

Christian Medical College Vellore, known as CMC was founded by Dr. Ida S. Scudder in 1900 as a single bedded hospital.

Why Vellore is famous for treatment?

CMC is particularly well known for certain departments such as Neurosciences, Gasteroenterology and Haematology (where it is a national leader in the treatment of rare blood disorders and bone marrow transplantation).

Is CMC Vellore a good college for MBBS?

Sayani Sheikh MBBS Student CMC Vellore is the best college with best facilities and management. Hostel and food is also good.

How can I get MBBS seats in CMC Vellore?

Documents required for CMC Vellore MBBS admission 2021

  1. Allotment letter by the Tamil Nadu Selection Committee, Directorate of Medical Education, Chennai.
  2. Mark/Grade Sheet of the qualifying examination (10+2)
  3. Pass Certificate of the qualifying examination.
  4. NEET 2021 admit card.
  5. NEET UG 2021 scorecard.

Which is the No 1 medical College in India?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
Top Medical Colleges in India 2022

NIRF Ranking 2020 Name of the College Score
1 All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi 90.69
2 Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh 80.06
3 Christian Medical College, Vellore 73.56
4 National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences, Bangalore 71.35

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