Who is the 6th Cylon?

Who is the 6th Cylon?

Tricia Helfer
Number Six is a family of fictional characters from the reimagined science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica. She is portrayed by Canadian actress and model Tricia Helfer. Of the twelve known Cylon models, she is the sixth of the “Significant Seven”.

What number Cylon is Leoben?

Number Two
Leoben Conoy (Number Two) is a fictional character portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie appearing in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series. Leoben is a humanoid Cylon agent who portrays himself as possessing philosophical and religious enlightenment.

Is Gaius Baltar a Cylon?

Once Baltar learns that no one knows what the “Final Five” Cylons look like, he begins to suspect that he himself may be a Cylon. He admits however that this is wishful thinking on his part, because of his desire to have all his ‘sins’ forgiven and become a hero to another people.

Who was the 7th Cylon?

“Number Seven,” also known as “Daniel,” was one of eight humanoid Cylon models created by the Final Five. A favorite of Ellen Tigh, she remembers Number Seven as creative, sensitive, and an artist….

Number Seven
Marital Status
Family Tree View
Role Humanoid Cylon

Did the Cylons track the Olympic Carrier?

Edit: okay I searched after posting this – forgot to do it before hand – and someone else posted a theory the Olympic carrier was misdirection by the cylons – – they were actually tracking the fleet via Boomer the entire time. That definitely makes more sense than anything else.

How far can Battlestar Galactica jump?

The range that Galactica can jump at has never been specified on-screen. However, in a deleted line from the mini-series the jump from Ragnar to the Prolmar Sector is said to be “30 light-years”, which is well beyond the red line (maximum safely calculable jump range).

Is Lee Adama a Cylon?

Lee Adama was born to William Adama, a veteran of the First Cylon War, and his wife, Carolanne Adama. He also had a younger brother, Zak Adama. Their father strongly encouraged both boys to enter the Colonial Fleet and become Viper pilots.

Who gave Adama the note about the 12 Cylons?

Adama later finds a note in his quarters stating that “there are only 12 Cylon models.” This is implied to have been left by Baltar who was told exactly the same thing by Number Six on Caprica.

Is Adama a Cylon?

Despite theories, Commander William Adama is not a Cylon unlike his Executive Officer, Saul Tigh who was revealed to be a Cylon.

Was Doral a Cylon?

Doral is a humanoid Cylon (designated model Number Five) who first appeared as a civilian public relations specialist aboard Galactica just prior to the Cylon attack on the Colonies.

What is a number 6 Cylon?

She is the first humanoid Cylon that viewers witness in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Stunningly beautiful and highly religious, this highly driven model is marked by a ruthlessness against all who stand in her way. Number Sixes are typically sensual and use seduction in infiltration.

How many numbers are there in the number round of Countdown?

When playing the number round of Countdown you have to pick six numbers in total, some of them large and the rest small. There are only four large numbers: 25, 50, 75 and 100, but there are two copies of every number 1 to 10 in the small number supply.

How many Cylon models are there?

Of the twelve known Cylon models, she is the sixth of the “Significant Seven”. Like the others of the “Significant Seven”, there are several versions of her, including Caprica-Six, Shelly Godfrey, Gina Inviere, Natalie Faust, Lida, and Sonja.

What happened to number six on’Battlestar Galactica’?

Perhaps the most iconic Cylon of Battlestar Galactica, Number Six had many lives over the course of the show and these are the most notable. Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica took the concept of the original 1978 series and rebooted it into a gritty apocalyptic military drama in 2004.

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