Who is Nabil Fekir agent?

Who is Nabil Fekir agent?

However, with the player and his agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes parting ways in the fallout from the botched move, more details have come to light suggesting that accepted narrative of the saga might have actually been quite charitable to some of the key parties involved.

Why did Nabil Fekir deal collapse?

A few days after the whole ordeal, Liverpool journalists revealed that the reason why the deal fell through was because of a knee issue. Since then, Nabil Fekir has came out and revealed that it wasn’t an issue with his knee, it was an issue with his representatives.

Why Fekir didnt go to Liverpool?

Despite Fekir’s attempts to blame his former representative, the agent in question, Jean-Pierre Bernè, played down Fekir’s claims. He insists that a combination of a knee injury and the involvement of another agent which led to the deal being scuppered.

How old is Nabil Fekir?

28 years (July 18, 1993)Nabil Fekir / Age

Who failed a medical at Liverpool?

attacker Nabil Fekir
English Premier League Champions came very close to signing then Olympique Lyonnais attacker Nabil Fekir in 2018. It was one of the most infamous transfer deal failures of the summer transfer window. Nabil Fekir was tipped to sign for Liverpool but reportedly failed due to medical issues.

What number is Fekir?

8Nabil Fekir / Number (Real Betis Balompié / Forward)

Where is Fekir originally from?

Real Betis BalompiéNabil Fekir / Current team (#8 / Forward)

Where is Nabil Fekir originally from?

Lyon, FranceNabil Fekir / Place of birth

Is Fekir African?

When I played with him with the under-19s [at Saint-Priest], he was exactly the same player.” Fekir is the oldest of four brothers born to parents from Algeria who moved to France in the early 1990s.

Is Nabil Fekir good?

Nabil Fekir has been playing at his best this season. He has already scored 16 times in FL1 and twice in Europa League. The number of assists currently amounts to 6, all of them in FL1. His performance stats show he is somewhat in between being a forward and an attacking midfielder.

What league is Real Betis in?

Copa del Rey
Real Betis Balompié/Leagues

Are Real Betis in the Europa League?

Betis | UEFA Europa League 2021/22 | UEFA.com.

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