Who is Cenova?

Who is Cenova?

Cenova is a full-service contract manufacturer with 50 years of experience of innovative and complex clean plastic devices with focus on injection molding, thermo forming, assembly, packaging and sterilization.

What is Cenova’s investment strategy?

Cenova has a differentiated strategy of investing in life sciences and healthcare by leveraging its healthcare services portfolio to access adjacent opportunities in the healthcare products and services sub-sector.

Why choose Cenova for new product development?

Having Cenova involved early in the process drastically increases the likelihood that a product can be produced in an efficient way. Using the standardized PPAP-method for production realization, Cenova is best in class in introducing new products to production.

Why Cenova injection molding?

Even though Cenova has a wider scope than plastic products, the core is still injection molding and thermo formed products. With machines ranging from 35-300 Tons, standing ready for you in a clean room environment, there is enough capacity for almost any need. Adding value to thermo formed and injection molded parts is what we love the most.

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