Which SIM card is best in China?

Which SIM card is best in China?

5 Best Local SIM Cards for China and Where You Can Get Them

  • Where to Get Local SIM Cards in China.
  • The Best SIM Cards to Use in China.
  • China Mobile (中国移动)
  • China Unicom (中国联通)
  • China Telecom (中国电信)
  • Big Bay Area SIM Card for Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.
  • SmarTone Travel Data SIM Cards for China Unicom – Hong Kong ONLY.

Which SIM is used in China?

Frequencies, compatibility and coverage

Network 2G/GPRS 3G/UMTS
China Mobile 900, 1800 MHz TD-SCDMA (discontinued)
China Unicom 900, 1800 MHz (mostly discontinued) 900, 2100 MHz Band: 1, 8
China Telecom CDMA BC0 (mostly voice-only) EVDO BC0 (mostly discontinued)

Is The SIMs available in China?

The Sims has been banned in China and several Middle Eastern countries because it allows same-sex relationships, it has been claimed. The game developer is reported to have informed fans online that it would no longer be available seven countries because of ‘regional standards’.

How can I find my China Mobile SIM number?

China Mobile Official Operator number is 10086. You can call them to know the information. However, it will be easier to send a text message.

Can we use Indian SIM in China?

Their international roaming service allows you to use your SIM card in following countries including India. You may required few hundred CNY deposit on your account. Activate international roaming function and apply roaming package. Better to visit their sales office before you leave China.

Can I use Airtel SIM in China?

This plan is valid in countries including Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand among others. This plan from Airtel has 100 minutes of free local outgoing calls, incoming calls and calls to India. The plan has validity for 30 days. This plan is valid in countries including the US, Canada, China among others.

Which network is best in China?

China (mainland)

Rank Operator Subscribers (in millions)
1 China Mobile 945.50 (June 2021)
2 China Telecom 362.49 (June 2021)
3 China Unicom 310.45 (June 2021)

Can I use China Sim in Singapore?

Also, China Unicom HK may ship SIMs to SG. Their network has better compatibility with foreign phones. Use these SIM cards as roaming. You don’t have to worry about VPN thing to access Google related services when you’re in China.

Is EA Origin blocked in China?

At this time the Origin Store is not available in China.

How do I activate my CSL SIM card?


  1. Please activate this Prepaid SIM Card before the expiry date shown on the Prepaid SIM Card packaging by: i. dialing USSD code *109#; or. ii. subscribing to the 1-Month Package.
  2. This Prepaid SIM Card will be valid for 90 days from the date of Prepaid SIM Card activation.

How do I activate my China Mobile SIM card?

Activation Method: Insert the SIM card into the cell phone and turn it on, in a few minutes customer will receive a confirmation SMS, indicating successful service activation. Once activated, $50 basic service fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically.

Is Jio network available in China?

Reliance Industries (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani told US president Donald Trump, who was on his maiden visit to India earlier this month, that Reliance Jio is the only network in the world that doesn’t use a single Chinese equipment.

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