Which QB has the most comeback wins?

Which QB has the most comeback wins?


Player 4QC Link
Peyton Manning+ 43 View Comebacks
Tom Brady 42 View Comebacks
Ben Roethlisberger 41 View Comebacks
Drew Brees 36 View Comebacks

What quarterback has the most 4th quarter comeback wins?

4th quarter comebacks, all-time. 1. Peyton Manning 43 2. Tom Brady 41 3.

How many game-winning drives does Roger Staubach have?

13 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 21 Game-Winning Drives

Rk Year Cmp%
1 1971 64.52
2 1971 57.14
Rk Year Cmp%
3 1973 40.91

What is the biggest 4th quarter comeback in NFL history?

Trailing 28-3 in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals stormed back to stun the Buccaneers. Wide receiver J.T. Smith was on the receiving end of two TD strikes from Neil Lomax to lead his team to victory….New England Patriots – From 25 points behind to win:

Totals TB STL
Yards Passing 294 278
Turnovers 1 2

Who has the most 4th quarter game-winning drives?

Conversation. Tom Brady has now engineered 49 game-winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime in his career. Since 1970, the only QBs with more are Peyton Manning (54) & Drew Brees (53).

Who has the best 4th quarter QB rating?

Overall Performance Ranking

The Best 4th-Quarter Quarterbacks in the NFL
Performance Rank Quarterback Overall Score
1 Tony Romo 100.00
2 Matt Ryan 98.51
3 Tom Brady 92.44

What’s the biggest NFL comeback ever?

The Bills trailed the Houston Oilers 35-3 in the third quarter of a wild-card playoff game in the 1992 postseason before storming all the way back. Christie kicked the game-winning field goal in overtime to cap the biggest comeback in NFL history, a feat even the players on the field didn’t think was possible.

What is the biggest comeback NFL?

What is the largest margin of victory in an NFL playoff game? The largest margin of victory in the history of the NFL took place on Dec. 8, 1940, when the Chicago Bears took on Washington in the NFL Championship. Chicago pummeled Washington for the entirety of the 60-minute contest, finishing at 73-0.

Who is the clutchest QB of all time?

1. Joe Montana, 49ers. Had Tom Brady won a fourth Super Bowl with a third MVP award, he would have tied Joe Montana for that individual record and a possible argument for most-clutch quarterback ever. However, since Brady lost, there’s no question that Joe Cool is not only the most-clutch QB ever, but the greatest ever …

What is the biggest blowout in NFL history?

Biggest Blowout in Playoff History (Pre-Super Bowl Era): Chicago Bears 73, Washington 0; Dec. 8, 1940. This was the biggest rout of them all. The 73-point margin still marks the most lopsided game in NFL/AFL history.

What is the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history?

1. Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10. Not Denver again! The largest margin in Super Bowl history was this 45-point laugher, where Joe Montana (22-for-29, 297 yards, five touchdowns, and zero interceptions) outclassed John Elway (10-for-26, 108 yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions).

Who has the highest QB rating of all time?

All-Time Passer Rating

1 Aaron Rodgers 104.93
2 Steve Young* 96.81
3 Tom Brady 96.62
4 Peyton Manning 95.71
5 Tony Romo 95.62

Why is Roger Staubach so famous?

Staubach was one of the most famous NFL players of the 1970s. Known as “Roger The Dodger” for his scrambling abilities, “Captain America” as quarterback of America’s Team, and also as “Captain Comeback” for his fourth-quarter game-winning heroics, Staubach had a penchant for leading scoring drives which gave the Cowboys improbable victories.

How did Staubach win the Cowboys 35 34?

‘Boys are only down by six. The captain drove Dallas 75 yards down the field as he hooked up with receiver Tony Hill for an eight-yard touchdown pass for a 35-34 victory over the hated Redskins. Staubach’s legacy as the comeback king was already set in stone, but he gave the Cowboys fans one last show for the road.

Is Roger Staubach the greatest Dallas Cowboys quarterback ever?

Staubach was and still is the greatest Cowboys quarterback ever to many fans, no matter the argument or conversation. In 1979, Roger hung his cleats up for good, but not before giving the Cowboys fans one last great show.

How much did Staubach make in 1979?

In 1979, by the end of his 10 seasons with the Cowboys — which garnered him two Super Bowl wins, five appearances and an NFL MVP title — Staubach was making around $160,000 a year. (For comparison, NFL star O.J. Simpson was making around $806,668 that year.)

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