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Which is the best example of positive peer pressure?

Joining a team is one of the best examples of positive peer pressure

Which is an effective way to resist peer pressure to do something you’re uncomfortable doing Brainly?

Thus, an effective way to resist peer pressure to do something you’re uncomfortable doing is by “assertively and confidently say you don’t want to” as this sends a clear, firm and respectful message of your position

What is peer pressure speech?

Peer pressure is simply when someone gets you to do something. It is quite easy to get influenced by peer pressure (especially in the teenage years) because everyone wants to fit in and not be left out. Teens sometimes give into peer pressure by doing risky things.

What are the benefits of peer pressure?

Positive effects of peer pressure include:

  • a sense of belonging and support.
  • increased self-confidence.
  • introduction to positive hobbies and interests.
  • reinforcement of positive habits and attitudes.

What can someone do or say when they experience pressure to drink from peers?

  • Peer pressure can come in many forms and occur at any age. Some people deal with peer pressure to settle down and have children.
  • Be Mindful of the Situation.
  • Walk Away.
  • Find New Friends.
  • Remind Yourself Why You Got Sober.
  • Find a Non-Alcoholic Drink.
  • Be Honest.

How can you recognize peer pressure?

7 Obvious Signs Your Teen is Suffering From Peer Pressure

  1. Behavior changes. Look out for changes in your child’s behavior, especially when they are around certain groups of friends.
  2. Feeling like they don’t fit in.
  3. Trying new things.
  4. Focus on image.
  5. Making comparisons.
  6. Doing things you don’t want to do.
  7. Performance at school.

Which of the following is an example of negative peer pressure?

An example of negative peer pressure would be when a friend makes fun of you for choosing to be abstinent. Your friend is making you feel bad about yourself and more than likely using a form of rejection tactic to pressure you into changing your mind and becoming sexually active

What should be done to protect youngsters from the dangers of peer pressure?

Here are some ideas to help your teen manage peer pressure:

  1. Keep the lines of communication open. You can do this by staying connected to your child.
  2. Suggest ways to say no.
  3. Give teenagers a way out.
  4. Encourage a wide social network.
  5. Build up your child’s sense of self-esteem.

Which is an example of negative peer pressure?

Negative peer pressure occurs when friends negatively influence each other. Examples of negative peer pressure include trying to talk someone into trying drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and sex.

Which is an effective way to resist peer pressure?

1 Answer. The most effective way to resist peer pressure to do something you are not comfortable in doing is just say no and walk away. Other situations will require more finesse

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