Which directive is used on top of page in master page?

Which directive is used on top of page in master page?

a. Master page contains a <%@ Master %> directive instead of the normal <%@ Page %> directive. b. ContentPlaceHolder control can be added only on master page.

What does a master page contain?

A master page is an ASP.NET file with the extension . master (for example, MySite. master) with a predefined layout that can include static text, HTML elements, and server controls. The master page is identified by a special @ Master directive that replaces the @ Page directive that is used for ordinary .

What is master page explain uses of master page?

A Master Page is a nonprinting page that you can use as the template for the rest of the pages in your document. Master pages can contain text and graphic elements that will appear on all pages of a publication (i.e. headers, footers, page numbers, etc.)

What are the characteristics of master page?

A master page can contain direct markup and server controls, as well as container controls. Every element that is placed in the master page outside of a ContentPlaceHolder control is rendered on all pages that result from merging the master page and content pages.

How is ASP.NET different from classic ASP?

“Classic” ASP uses vbscript for its code. ASP.NET allows you to use C#, VB.NET and other languages. ASP.NET gives you access to all the tools which come with the . NET framework and allows you to write object-oriented code.

Which directive uses namespace attribute?

@Import Directive
So the @Import Directive imports namespaces. This directive supports just a single attribute “namespace” and this attribute takes a string value that specifies the namespace to be imported.

How do I get master page control value in content page?

cs and insert following code in page load section,

  1. //Define Label Control and Fetch the control of MASTER PAGE.
  2. Label lbl = (Label)Page. Master. FindControl(“lblUserName”);
  3. //Set the value to CONTENT PAGE label control.
  4. lblFindControlUserName. Text = “Value Received in Content Page : “+lbl. Text;

How many types of master pages are there?

two master pages
In a nested master page situation, there are two master pages; a parent master and a child master. The child master page is also a content page and its master is the parent master page.

What is master page in AWP?

In a MasterPage we can have content either inside ContentPlaceHolder or outside it. Only content inside the ContentPlaceHolder can be customized in the Content Page. We can have multiple masters in one web application. A MasterPage can have another MasterPage as Master to it.

When was ASP.NET released?

January 5, 2002

Developer(s) Microsoft
Initial release January 5, 2002
Stable release 6 / February 8, 2022
Written in .NET languages
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

How many Contentplaceholders can a master page have?

More than one ContentPlaceHolder can be declared in a master page. Within a content page, only one Content control can supply the content for a ContentPlaceHolder in the master page.

Why is ASP.NET better than ASP?

ASP.NET Pages have the file extension . ASP pages use scripting language. ASP.NET uses full-fledged programming language. Error handling is very poor in ASP. Error handling is very good in ASP.NET.

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