Where was the Paddington movie filmed?

Where was the Paddington movie filmed?

West London
Filming locations for Paddington were mostly in West London. The Paddington Station scenes were mostly filmed inside London Paddington station, although the exterior establishing shot used the front entrance of nearby Marylebone Station in Marylebone.

What street was Paddington 2 filmed on?

Paddington 2 was filmed in Primrose Hill, along Camden’s canals and on Portobello Road.

What is Paddington Bear address?

32 Windsor Gardens
Brown took Paddington home to live with them at 32 Windsor Gardens in London, along with their two children, Jonathan and Judy and their housekeeper, Mrs.

Where do the Brown family live in Paddington?

And you probably also know that the endearing Brown family live in London at No. 32 Windsor Gardens, a rather quaint yet quirky townhouse that’s as colourful as all the characters in the stories by Michael Bond.

Is paddingtons house real?

Filmed in various London locations, perhaps most iconic is Paddington and the Brown’s street, which though called Windsor Gardens in the film, is actually Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill in real life.

What does FRGS mean after a name?

FRGS stands for Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. The following is a brief history of the Society and some of its more famous members and explorers.

Was Paddington filmed in a real house?

Filming in fact took place north, on Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill, a picturesque curve of houses that provides a pastel-shaded vision of London straight out of a traditional storybook – but which very much exists.

Where was’Paddington’filmed?

WHERE WAS ‘PADDINGTON’ FILMED? The home of the Brown family, where Paddington goes to stay, is billed as 32 Windsor Gardens which seems to be in a neighbourhood such as Notting Hill in the west of the capital.

Where does the Brown family live in Paddington?

Paddington location: the home of the Brown family: Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill, London It’s implied that the Browns live in Notting Hill, but their pleasant home, on ‘Windsor Gardens’ is in an even posher area. It’s 30 Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill, NW1, just north of Regent’s Park.

Who are the actors in the movie Paddington?

Paddington (voice) Hugh Bonneville Henry Brown: Sally Hawkins Mary Brown: Madeleine Harris Judy Brown: Samuel Joslin Jonathan Brown: Michael Bond Kindly Gentleman: Matt Lucas Joe: Julie Walters Mrs. Bird: Jude Wright Tony

How real does Paddington feel in the movie?

Paddington feels real in this movie, as real as any of the actors. The ambiance of the film is whimsical, it mixes elements that are very modern but also capturing a bit of the old London where the original story is set.

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