Where is Zombie Go Boom located?

Where is Zombie Go Boom located?

ZGB Studios is a film studio based in Fayetteville, AR. We offer SPFX, VFX, production, and post production work. We also run a popular YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/zombiegoboomtv.

Who is zombie boom?

Sweet and Meré are the owners of the Zombie Go Boom channel, which has more than 1.7 million subscribers. In their videos, they use all sorts of weapons to unload on dummies, making their brand of content inherently violent.

What is an Ivan Head?

This head is an ultra-realistic synthetic zombie head analog, featuring an anatomically correct cranial cavity, skull, spine, and flesh simulant for optimum realism. Unlike ballistic gelatin heads, these ZGB Ivan heads will not melt, or rot, and they are significantly tougher than their ballistic counterparts.

What happened to Zombie Go Boom?

(Reuters) – A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging a decision by Google’s YouTube service to drop the placement of clients’ advertisements on videos that viewers might deem violent or offensive.

Are zgb heads accurate?

Developed by the crew at Zombie Go Boom to fill a need for an ultra-realistic test target, Ivan has an anatomically correct skull and cranial cavity, as well as a hard spine. These hard structures replicate the density and thickness of real bone.

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