Where is Simon Doull now?

Where is Simon Doull now?

Currently, Doull works as a cricket commentator for New Zealand’s Magic Talk. Until recently he was part of the Morning Rumble team on the radio station, The Rock. He has been part of the commentary team for the Indian Premier League since the very beginning in 2008.

Is Simon Doull married?

Former Black Caps fast bowler and cricket commentator Simon Doull and his wife Liana have joined Bowel Cancer NZ as ambassadors, because bowel cancer has touched their lives in many ways.

Who is Simon dual?

Simon Gatwech Dual (also spelled Simon Gatwitch) is a Sudanese rebel who was born in Uror County, Jonglei state, South Sudan. He joined the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) during the struggle against the Sudanese government, and broke away in 1991 when Riek Machar and Lam Akol formed the SPLA-Nasir faction.

How old is Simon Doull?

52 years (August 6, 1969)Simon Doull / Age

Is Danny Morrison married?

Kim MorrisonDanny Morrison / Spouse

When did Simon Doull leave the rock?

Simon Doull spent several years as a co-host, left and returned in 2015. In March 2011 Andrew Mulligan joined but left for Radio Sport a few years later and returned in 2017. Bryce has attempted to break two world records during his tenure on the show, his most notable attempt being to break the record.

Does Simon Doull have children?

“Liana loves like no one,” Doull, who is dad to Adam Carter, 31, and Hunter Doull, 15, told Woman’s Day.

How much does Simon Doull earn?

Here’s How Much Commentators Will Earn In IPL 2022

Commentators Salary Country
Simon Doull $350,000 New Zealand
Danny Morrison $350,000 New Zealand
Deep Dasgupta $250,000 India
Rohan Gavaskar $250,000 India

Where does Danny Morrison live now?

the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Personal life. Morrison currently lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, moving there in 2006 with his wife, Kim Morrison and children, Jacob and Tayla.

Who is Danny Morrison wife?

Kim MorrisonDanny Morrison / Wife

Who got fired from The Rock FM?

John Day announced he’s leaving after 11 years with The Morning Rumble.

Who got fired from The Rock radio station?

Michael Neilson. A MediaWorks radio host has resigned from one of the company’s major shows. The media personality tendered his resignation on Monday and it was accepted effective immediately, MediaWorks confirmed to the Herald.

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