Where is Sankey Tank located?

Where is Sankey Tank located?

Bangalore District

Sankey Tank
Location Bangalore District, Karnataka
Coordinates 13.01°N 77.57°E
Lake type Freshwater
Primary inflows Rainfall

Is Sankey Tank man made?

Sankey Tank or Sankey Lake is a freshwater man made lake constructed by Col R. H. Sankey in 1882 to meet the water requirements of Bangalore. It covers an area which is roughly 37 acres and is in the vicinity of Malleshwaram.

Is Sankey Tank open during lockdown?

The alluring attraction of Sankey Tank can be visited on all days except Friday. The Sankey Tank timings are 6 AM to 8 PM.

What time does Sankey Tank open?

6 am to 8 pm
The timings are 6 am to 8 pm all days except Fridays.

Who built Sankey Tank?

Colonel Richard Hieram Sankey
The manmade lake that covers an area of 37 acres was planned by Colonel Richard Hieram Sankey.

Is camera allowed in Sankey Tank?

Yes you can take photos at Sankey Tank. over a year ago. Sure, you can photograph. The park is a free place.

Is photography allowed in Sankey Tank?

A notice from the BBMP commissioner, stuck at the tank entrance, reads: “Without BBMP and the nearest police station’s permission, cinema shooting, short video shooting and photography are prohibited inside the Sankey Tank area.” However, it mentions nothing about mobile cameras.

Is there boating in Sankey Tank?

Visitors can enjoy boat rides in the water of the tank. The Karnataka State Tourist Development Corporation maintains “The Mayura Sankey Boat Club” at the Sankey Tank. The boat club has a large number of boats of various kinds such as pedal boats, row boats, motor boats, etc.

How many lakes are there in Bangalore?

How many lakes are there in Bangalore? Bangalore is blessed with around 189 lakes, spread throughout the city.

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