Where is FMTB?

Where is FMTB?

Camp Pendleton
FMTB is located in the 21 Area aboard Camp Pendleton. Google Maps Location.

How long is navy FMTB?

eight week
For the past 65 years, Corpsmen have been receiving training here at Field Medical Training Battalion. During this eight week course, Navy Hospital Corpsmen are immersed in a combination of classroom and field training to gain the essential skills required to serve with the Fleet Marine Force.

How do I prepare for FMTB?

A daily routine of running two to four miles, sit-ups, and push-ups should be adequate to prepare you. Over the eight week course, FMST students will hike over 25 miles with full combat load, conduct a Navy PFA, the Marine Corps PFT, Marine Corps CFT, group PT, Company and Platoon runs.

What does Devil Doc mean?

The “docs” who receive their training from Marines can be as deadly as the Marines who trained them. To earn this unofficial title of “Devil Doc,” a Corpsman must show that he is as dangerous as his fellow warfighters. There are only two ways for a Corpsman to earn the title.

What is an 8404 corpsman?

There are primary NECs, and secondary NECs. For example, a hospital corpsman who completes Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB) and earns the NEC HM-8404, moves that NEC to primary and has a secondary NEC of HM-0000.

How do you become a Fleet Marine corpsman?

According to the documents, individuals who wish to qualify for any one of these three badges must first spend at least one year with a Marine unit, pass a Marine Corps physical fitness test, finish a six-mile forced march, complete the Personal Qualification Standards book and pass an oral board exam.

How long is field medical school?

Medical school typically lasts four years and attending one is akin to having a full-time job, experts say.

What can I bring to FMTB West?

Recommended items:

  1. Good pair of running shoes with white socks (no basketball shoes)
  2. Flashlight with red lens.
  3. Pen and highlighter.
  4. 4 sets of boot bands.
  5. 2 combination locks.
  6. 1 mesh laundry bag.
  7. Sufficient amount of toiletry items to provide for your personal comfort during the training period.

Can a Corpsman be a Marine?

A hospital corpsman (HM /ˈkɔːrmən/ [or corpsman]) is an enlisted medical specialist of the United States Navy, who may also serve in a U.S. Marine Corps unit.

Can Navy corpsman wear Marine dress blues?

Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps units may wear Marine Corps service dress uniforms with Navy insignia as long as they comply with Marine Corps grooming and appearance regulations. They are not authorized to wear Marine Corps Blue, Blue-White, Red, or Evening dress uniforms.

What does HM3 mean in the Navy?

Hospital Corpsman Third Class
HM3: Hospital Corpsman Third Class (E-4) HM2: Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E-5) HM1: Hospital Corpsman First Class (E-6) HMC: Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-7) HMCS: Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-8)

Where do I check in at FMTB Camp Pendleton?

If you will be checking in during normal working hours, (0730-1630), report directly to FMTB-W S-1, First Deck. If you will be checking in after normal working hours, report to the FMTB-W Quarterdeck, Building 210730. Google Maps: 21 Area Parade Deck Camp Pendleton South, CA.

Where is the FMTB located?

FMTB is located in the 21 Area aboard Camp Pendleton. Google Maps Location. FMTB-W does not provide transportation for inbound students. Those arriving at San Diego International may utilize the USO for shuttle service from the airport to Camp Pendleton.

How to get to Camp Pendleton from San Diego airport?

From San Diego Airport take I-5 north to Oceanside and follow the signs to Camp Pendleton. Once on board stay immediately to the right, following the sign for Del Mar. Take the ramp up and over the main road to the 21 Area/Del Mar. Make a left at 8th Street and follow the road until you see the building on the left hand side.

Where is the parade deck at Camp Pendleton?

Google Maps: 21 Area Parade Deck Camp Pendleton South, CA. The duty phone is 760-725-2559 and is manned 24/7. The parking area for TCCC/CLS-Trainer students is located at the gravel parking lot, in front of BLDG 210730.

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