Where is APC manufactured?

Where is APC manufactured?

While the denim is sourced in Japan, A.P.C products are made in Macau, an autonomous region on the south coast of china.

Is an APC a UPS?

APC, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, offers UPS options for Computers & Peripherals, Networks & Servers, as well as Data Centers & Facilities.

What is APC product?

APC, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric – APC USA. Audio-Video Solutions. AV Power Conditioners with Battery.

Is APC a luxury brand?

A.P.C. isn’t luxury fashion. It’s probably closer to the Atelier de Laissez-Faire.

Does Eaton own APC?

Eaton’s purchase of MGE Office Protection Systems creates an unusual situation, as both Eaton and Schneider/APC will now be selling products under the MGE brand.

What is an APC in computer?

Asynchronous procedure call, a function that executes asynchronously in the context of a specific thread on Microsoft Windows. Atari Punk Console, a simple DIY noisemaker circuit. VIA APC, a low-cost Android PC computer.

What is an APC in networking?

The Smart-UPS is a series of enterprise-level uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) made by American Power Conversion (APC).

What is an APC used for?

An armored personnel carrier (APC) is a broad type of armored military vehicle designed to transport personnel and equipment in combat zones. They are sometimes referred to colloquially as “battle taxis” or “battle buses”.

What brand is APC?

Atelier de Production et de Création, or A.P.C., is a French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1987 by the Tunisian Jewish fashion designer Jean Touitou in Paris.

What is APC famous for?

In the thirty years since, A.P.C. has been a beacon of a certain kind of well-appointed normal. The company is known for its stiff, dark denim, snug crew-neck sweaters, light jackets that nod ever so gently at a military influence, and simple leather accessories.

What is the APC trade-ups program?

APC Trade-UPS Program allows you to trade in any brand UPS battery back-up for a current model. Go green! Learn about and purchase APC products online or through our reseller network.

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What is an APC reseller?

APC resellers are trained to help you select, install and service your APC products in your home or business environment. APC products are also available through these online resellers. Are you an APC reseller? Find an authorised APC Distributor to meet your price and availability needs so you can serve your customers when they need you most.

Why choose Tech Data and APC?

Be Certain. Tech Data and APC partner to bring edge computing solutions that enable digital transformation projects. Need help choosing a UPS? – UPS Buying Guide Your browser is out of date and has known security issues. It also may not display all features of this website or other websites.

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