Where do you park for Metro Rail in Houston?

Where do you park for Metro Rail in Houston?

Metrorail Red Line Parking

  • 2 Houston Garage. ENTRANCE: 909 Fannin Street.
  • 1111 San Jacinto St. Garage.
  • 4 Houston Center. ENTRANCE: 1050 Austin St.
  • 1225 Louisiana. ENTRANCE: 1226 Milam.
  • 1415 Travis. ENTRANCE: 910 Clay St.
  • 1400 Travis Street. ENTRANCE: 820 Clay St.
  • 1519 Travis Street (912 Bell St)
  • 1600 Smith.

What is Houston park and ride?

Direct nonstop service to downtown, the Texas Medical Center and other major employment centers in the METRO service area is available from our Park & Ride lots. Park & Ride facilities also serve as a staging area for vanpools and carpools.

How do you ride the METRO train in Houston?

How to Ride Metro Rail

  1. Get to your station.
  2. Pay with TAP.
  3. Board the Train.
  4. Enjoy the Ride.
  5. Exit the Train.

How much does it cost to ride the METRORail in Houston?

$1.25 per ride

Route Type Fares Discounted Fares Students, Seniors, Medicare Cardholders and Disabled
Local Bus / METRORail / METRORapid $1.25 per ride $0.60 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 1 $2.00 per ride $1.00 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 2 $3.25 per ride $1.60 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 3 $3.75 per ride $1.85 per ride

Does Houston Metro Rail go to Minute Maid Park?

The 900 is the first Light Rail that goes to Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros) in Houston. It stops nearby at 3:35 AM.

Is parking free in Etisalat Metro Station?

Etisalat is one of a handful of stations with a park-and-ride car park. It has spaces for 2,300 vehicles. The other stations with car parking are Centrepoint and Jabal Ali. Parking is free for public transport users.

Is public transportation free in Houston?

Fares: Rides on local buses are $1.25, with free transfers up to three hours in either direction if you pay using one of the Q card or Day Pass options.

Is Houston METRORail safe?

“The Metro is not safe because of the high crime rate and trafficking in Houston. Anybody can ride the Metro,” said political science freshman Naila Hossain. When it comes to riding the Metro system in Houston, watching your surroundings and keeping to yourself is key.

How much is parking at Minute Maid Park?

Parking Lots Near Minute Maid Park

Parking Facility Average Postseason Game Rate
411 Caroline St. Prairie Lot $70
1401 Commerce St. Block 7 Lot $70
Christ Church Garage – 520 San Jacinto St. $50
703 Fannin St. Star Garage $30

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