Where did U2 shoot where the streets have no name?

Where did U2 shoot where the streets have no name?

downtown Los Angeles
U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name was shot at 7th and Main in downtown Los Angeles.

When was U2 Live at Slane Castle?

1 September 2001
U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle, Ireland is a concert film by Irish rock band U2. It was filmed on 1 September 2001 at Slane Castle in County Meath, Ireland, during the European leg of the group’s Elevation Tour. The video was released on DVD in November 2003.

Where the Streets Have No Name Belfast?

The U2 song Where the streets have no name came out in 1987, in the midst of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The inspiration for the song comes from the city of Belfast. A city where you could define a person’s religion and income based on the name of the street they lived on.

Did U2 really play on roof in LA?

The band attracted over 1,000 people during the video’s filming, which took place on the rooftop of a liquor store in Downtown Los Angeles on 27 March 1987. The band’s performance on a rooftop in a public place was a reference to the Beatles’ final concert, as depicted in the film Let It Be.

Did U2 do a rooftop concert?

The impromptu performance was an homage to The Beatles, who did the same thing in their final concert in “Let It Be.” (As Bono said at the time, “It’s not the first time we’ve ripped off the Beatles.) It took place on the rooftop of the Republic Liquor store at 7th and Main on March 27, 1987.

What building did U2 perform on?

Two minutes into the video, U2 are seen on the roof of a liquor store at the corner of 7th St. and S. Main St., and perform “Where the Streets Have No Name” to a large crowd of people standing in the streets surrounding the building.

Where was the street with no name filmed?

Los Angeles
Briggs (Lloyd Nolan), also appears in The House on 92nd Street. The film, shot in a semidocumentary style, takes place in the Skid Row section of fictional (actually Los Angeles) “Center City.”…

The Street with No Name
Box office $2,350,000 (US rentals)

How many times did U2 play Slane?

U2, uniquely, have performed three times at the venue – playing support to the renowned Irish band, Thin Lizzy, who headlined Slane with their first show in 1981.

Does anyone live in Slane Castle?

The present owner of the castle is Henry Conyngham, who styles himself as The 8th Marquess Conyngham. The eldest son of Lord Conyngham is Alex, Earl of Mount Charles. In 1984, Irish band U2 took up residence at the castle to write and record their album The Unforgettable Fire.

Where is the street with no name?

Staff at Levenshulme station say a growing number of visitors to the city have been stopping off at the unnamed Levenshulme street to have their picture taken with its infamous sign. Despite being created more than 160 years ago the street has never had an official title.

Where the Streets Have No Name History?

The song is actually about Ireland. In Ireland (and Northern Ireland), many cities are divided: rich/poor, Catholic/Protestant, etc. By knowing which street a person lives on you can tell their religion, wealth and beliefs: it’s where the streets have no name. Brian Eno produced this and played the organ intro.

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