Where condition dynamically in ABAP?

Where condition dynamically in ABAP?

This article illustrates how to write a dynamic where clause in ABAP SELECT queries using the function module ‘RH_DYNAMIC_WHERE_BUILD’.

  • Calling the function module RH_DYNAMIC_WHERE_BUILD.
  • Populating t_condtab internal table.
  • Sample code for fetching data from SFLIGHT using dynamic where clause.

How do I create a dynamic select query in SQL?

Dynamic SQL – Simple Examples

  2. @sql NVARCHAR(MAX),
  3. @id NVARCHAR(MAX);
  4. — run query using parameters(s)
  5. SET @id = N’2′;
  6. SET @sql = N’SELECT id, customer_name FROM customer WHERE id = ‘ + @id;
  7. PRINT @sql;
  8. EXEC sp_executesql @sql;

What is dynamic internal table in ABAP?

Dynamic internal table is an internal table with variable rows and columns which can be defined during run time. The different attributes that can be defined at run time includes the field name, column attributes, data type, width, reference table and reference fields.

What is SAP Dynamic data?

Dynamic data object. Data object for which all properties apart from the memory consumption are statically determined by the data type. Dynamic data objects are strings and internal tables, and are counted as deep data objects. Structures that contain dynamic components are also dynamic data objects.

How do you escape in ABAP?

The special characters ” and \ are prefixed with the escape character \. Control characters with the codes x08, x09, x0A, x0C, and x0D are escaped using \b, \t, \n, \f, and \r respectively. All other codes less than x20 are converted to a four-character hexadecimal representation and prefixed by .

How do I run a dynamic query?

Executing dynamic SQL using sp_executesql sp_executesql is an extended stored procedure that can be used to execute dynamic SQL statements in SQL Server. we need to pass the SQL statement and definition of the parameters used in the SQL statement and finally set the values to the parameters used in the query.

How do you declare a dynamic variable in SQL?

First, declare two variables, @table for holding the name of the table from which you want to query and @sql for holding the dynamic SQL. Second, set the value of the @table variable to production. products . Fourth, call the sp_executesql stored procedure by passing the @sql parameter.

How do I create a dynamic column in ALV?

* STEP: 1 – get backend field catalog (currently displayed alv) CLEAR: tl_fieldcatalog. REFRESH: tl_fieldcatalog. CALL METHOD w_grid->get_backend_fieldcatalog IMPORTING et_fieldcatalog = tl_fieldcatalog. * STEP: 2 – create a new fieldcatalog for dynamic internal table CLEAR: sl_fieldcatalog.

How do you pass data from field symbol to internal table?

You can get the structure of the internal table using the following code : type-pools : abap. field-symbols: type table, , . data: dy_table type ref to data, dy_line type ref to data, xfc type lvc_s_fcat, ifc type lvc_t_fcat.

How do you create a dynamic structure in SAP ABAP?

* dynamically create appropriate Data Structure CREATE DATA dref TYPE (tabname). ASSIGN dref->* TO . * fetch the data SELECT * FROM (tabname) UP TO 2 ROWS INTO . * display the result NEW-LINE.

What is dereference in SAP ABAP?

To access the contents of the data object to which a data reference is pointing, you must dereference it. ASSIGN dref->* TO [CASTING …]. This statement assigns the data object to the field symbol which the data reference in the reference variable points to.

How do I assign a dynamic query result to a variable in SQL Server?

Try using the below code:

  1. DECLARE @sqlCommand nvarchar(1000)
  2. DECLARE @city varchar(75)
  3. declare @counts int.
  4. SET @city = ‘New York’
  5. SET @sqlCommand = ‘SELECT @cnt=COUNT(*) FROM customers WHERE City = @city’
  6. EXECUTE sp_executesql @sqlCommand, N’@city nvarchar(75),@cnt int OUTPUT’, @city = @city, @[email protected] OUTPUT.

How to write a dynamic where clause in ABAP SELECT query?

Writing dynamic where clause in ABAP Select query. This article illustrates how to write a dynamic where clause in ABAP SELECT queries using the function module ‘RH_DYNAMIC_WHERE_BUILD’. Calling the function module RH_DYNAMIC_WHERE_BUILD. OTHERS = 5.

What is an example of ABAP programming?

Here comes a short and simple example for ABAP Programming. Suppose you want to make some more flexible function module for searching data in database table, that depending on parameters that are passed (can be optional), forms the WHERE clause of select statement. In ABAP this is pretty straight forward:

What values are used in where clause in SQL?

values used in where clause. with the ‘WHERE’ clause in Select query. This internal table contains one field with type character. SFLIGHT table is used in this example to fetch data using dynamic Select query. CARRID, CONNID and FLDATE are the 3 key fields used for fetching data from SFLIGHT (MANDT field is not considered in this example).

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