Where can I dive in Dahab?

Where can I dive in Dahab?

Best Dahab dive sites

  • Lighthouse. The Lighthouse dive site is renowned not only because it’s right in the main bay but because it really is the perfect Dahab dive spot, a sheltered location with easy in and out options.
  • Eel Garden.
  • Islands.
  • Canyon.
  • Ras Abu Galum.
  • Blue Hole.
  • Gabr El Bint.

How much does it cost to dive in Dahab?


Course Price Duration
Deep diver* 199 2 Days, 3 Dives
Digital Underwater photographer 199 1 Day, 2 Dives
DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle/Scooter) 300 1 Day, 2 Dives
Drift diver 110 1 Day, 2 Dives

Are there bodies in the Blue Hole?

Long-Lost Corpses Finally Found. Lying at the bed of the Great Blue Hole are corpses of marine life, mainly hundreds of conchs. In a blog post, Bergman recalls seeing track marks of conchs trying to escape what the scientists call the Conch Graveyard.

How many bodies are in the Blue Hole?

Famous for freediving for its easy access directly from the shore and the lack of current, the Blue Hole is known to have the highest diving fatalities in the world with an estimated death of 130 to 200 divers from recent years.

Is Dahab good for diving?

Dahab offers great scuba diving opportunities and is world famous for the Dahab Blue Hole dive site. It is mostly coral reef gently slopping down as well as shallow coral gardens. Most of the dive sites are easy, making Dahab a great place to learn scuba diving.

Is Sharm El Sheikh better than Dahab?

Sharm is an ultra-touristy resort town built for tourism and with quite an international atmosphere, while Dahab is more laid-back and has more of a charming small town feel. It’s still touristy with lots of hotels and restaurants, but it does have a “real” town where locals live as well.

How many divers died in Dahab?

It is said that over 150 divers have lost their lives in Dahab’s Blue Hole – often considered the most dangerous diving site in the world – in the last 10 years, earning the submarine sinkhole the ominous moniker ‘Divers’ Cemetery’.

What’s at the bottom of the Big Blue Hole?

The culprit was a thick layer of toxic hydrogen sulfide spanning the width of the entire sinkhole like a floating blanket. Erika Bergman: Underneath that there’s no oxygen, no life, and down there we found conchs and conch shells and hermit crabs that had fallen into the hole and suffocated, really.

How do I get to Dahab?

You’ll most likely be making your way to Dahab via Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. From the airport, you can either take a taxi straight to Dahab, or take a taxi to the bus station and then hop on a bus to go the rest of the way.

Which is better Dahab or Hurghada?

Definitely there is a big difference between Dahab and Hurghada – Dahab is more intimate, friendly, compact and quaint whilst Hurghada is more spread out with larger hotels and with little off -shore snorkeling and diving compared to Dahab.

What does Sharm mean?


Acronym Definition
SHARM Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation Machine

Are there sharks in Dahab?

Sharks/Rays that have been seen in Dahab include the Whale shark, the Hammerhead, the Oceanic White Tip, the Eagle Ray and the Manta Ray. The zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum or varium) is a species of carpet shark and the sole member of the family Stegostomatidae.

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