Where can I backpack in the Wind River Range?

Where can I backpack in the Wind River Range?

1. The Classic: Titcomb Basin. Widely considered the best trail for seeing the wide range of geography and terrain in the range, Titcomb Basin is a 30-mile round-trip trek that offers panoramic views, campsites at alpine lakes and a possible visit to the highest point in the state of Wyoming, Gannett Peak.

Do you need a permit to backpack in the Wind River Range?

Largely due to the low visitation, there are no permits required to backpack in the Winds. The key rules to follow are basic Leave No Trace principles. The Forest Service asks that you travel in groups of 15 or fewer, stay on the trails, and don’t camp within 200 feet of water sources.

How do you explore the Wind River Range?

The Bear’s Ear Trail The trail, which starts at the Dickinson Park trailhead provides the ultimate way to experience the vastness of the range. Getting to the trailhead involves driving on the Wind River Reservation and requires a permit.

Can you hike on the Wind River Reservation?

The general public, which is defined as anyone who is not an enrolled member of the Shoshone or Arapaho tribes, must have a permit to fish, camp, hike, boat and picnic in open or designated areas of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Are there grizzly bears in the Wind Rivers?

Black Bears are common throughout the Wind River Range. Although a Grizzly encounter is possible, it is unlikely. Grizzly habitat is typically to the north and east of the Pinedale area.

Are there grizzly bears in the Wind River Mountains?

The ENTIRE Wind River Range is home to both grizzly and black/brown bears.

Do you need bear canisters in Wind River Range?

The entire Wind River Range is now covered by the regulation, which means backpackers will need to hang bear bags 10 feet off the ground and hunters will be prohibited from leaving animal carcasses on the ground near campgrounds and system trails.

Are there snakes in the Wind River Range?

No. There reportedly are rattlesnakes in Rock Springs, but we don’t have them in Sublette County, the Wind River Range, Gros Ventres, Wyoming Range or the desert Mesa.

When can you hike the Wind River Range?

The backpacking season for the Wind River High Route is short: three months, July through September, in an average year. But the most optimal window is even shorter: August through mid-September, or mid-July through mid-September after a dry winter.

Are there wolves in the Wind River Range?

Wind River Indian Reservation Wolves have been present on the reservation for at least 13 years and are currently distributed across the Wind River and Owl Creek mountain portions of the reservation.

Do you need bear spray in the Wind River Range?

Whenever traveling in the Wind Rivers all recreationists must carry Bear spray. Although this is not a law, bears are active during the spring summer and fall in the Wind Rivers, and can be seen often. Though bears are a beautiful sight, humans need to be careful around them.

Are there rattlesnakes in the Wind River Range?

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