When was the last flood in Ghana?

When was the last flood in Ghana?

On the 18th and 28th of June 2018, heavy rains and thunderstorms caused flooding in the two biggest cities in Ghana, resulting in the deaths of 14 people, displacement of 34,076 others, and damaged properties estimated at $168,289 according to the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).

What’s the worst flood in history?


Death toll Event Year
500,000–800,000 1938 Yellow River flood 1939
229,000 1975 Banqiao Dam failure and floods 1975
145,000 1935 Yangtze flood 1935
100,000+ St. Felix’s Flood, storm surge 1530

What was the worst flash flood in history?

The deadliest flash flood in history occurred on August 11, 1979 in the town of Morbi in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Machchhu II dam is located on the Machhu river and burst after holding back several days of heavy rainfall.

Where did the Yellow River flood happen?

The worst flood in human history occurred in 1887, when the Yellow River overran the dikes in Henan Province. That flood covered 50,000 square miles. It inundated eleven large towns and hundreds of villages. Nine hundred thousand people died, and two million were left homeless.

What disaster happened in Ghana?

On 20 January 2022, a large blast occurred in an area at Apeate community, near the city of Bogoso about 300km (180 miles) west of the capital of Ghana, Accra. The explosion occurred when a motorcycle went under a truck carrying explosives that was en route to the gold mine at Bogoso.

What Causes Floods in Ghana?

Generally, in Ghana, flood occurs as a result of natural and anthropogenic factors. However, the most recurring causes are anthropogenic activities such as poor urban planning and development and inadequate drainage facility [22, 62, 66].

Which country floods the most?

One of the most flood and climate change affected countries in the world. Bangladesh is one of the most flood prone countries in the world. Floods have huge costs for Bangladesh, both in terms of lives, property, livelihoods, and development gains lost.

Where is the biggest flood?

On August 1st, 1993, the Mississippi River at St. Louis crested at 49.58 feet, the highest stage ever recorded. The size and impact of the Great Flood of 1993 was unprecedented and has been considered the most costly and devastating flood to ravage the U.S. in modern history.

Which country has the worst floods?

Where did the worst flood happen?

Mississippi River flood of 1927, also called Great Flood of 1927, flooding of the lower Mississippi River valley in April 1927, one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States.

How did the 1887 Yellow River flood?

In 1887, this rising river, swollen by days of heavy rain, overcame the dikes on around 28 September, causing a massive flood. Since there is no international unit to measure a flood’s strength it is usually classified by the extent of the damage done, depth of the water, and the number of casualties.

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